Embedded Industrial Computers for rugged environment

The new Rugged Computer Compact 8 from Syslogic complies with protection class IP67. It thus withstands situations in which conventional embedded systems would have long since surrendered. The IP67 computer is designed for on and off-train applications, special and agricultural vehicles, construction machines or automatic guided vehicle systems (AGV).

The Rugged Computer Compact 8 from Syslogic sets new standards. It has a sophisticated housing as well as an ultra-durable electronic design. The housing is made of hard anodized aluminum and is resistant to dust, water and chemicals. The ultra-sturdy embedded computer is thus assigned to protection class IP67. Syslogic uses screwable M12 plug connectors for both LAN interfaces. Syslogic also made no compromises with the other components in terms of durability and sturdiness. Accordingly, the Rugged Computer is suitable for continuous use (24/7) in harsh environments or for outdoor use. A screwed-on service flap protects the USB and DVI service interfaces. Optionally, the Rugged Computer can be supplemented with additional serial ports (RS422/485, RS232) and wireless capabilities (LTE, UMTS, GSM as well as WiFi and Bluetooth). This makes it possible to use the Rugged Computer as an IoT device, paving the way for Industry 4.0.

Proven Intel Atom Processors in a Sturdy Casing

After the big success of the first product generation, Syslogic is now continuing its development with the Rugged Computer Compact 8. The fanless industrial PC now has Atom E3800 processors (Bay Trail) with either dual or quad-cores. The 64-bit processors are already successfully being used in other Syslogic products. The performance levels of the Bay Trail processors range from 1.33 to 1.91 GHz. The power consumption varies between 5 and 10 watts, depending on the design. The devices thus manage a balancing act between computing power and low power consumption.

In addition, the processors, like all other components of the Rugged Computer, are designed for the extended temperature range of –40 to +176 degrees Fahrenheit. When defining the temperature range, Syslogic is not limited to a screening process like other manufacturers, but rather defines what loads the components have to withstand already during the development phase. In this way, Syslogic ensures long-term, reliable 24/7 operation under demanding conditions.

Galvanic Isolation Protects the Electronics of the Rugged Computer

Another feature of the Rugged Computer is the galvanic isolation of its interfaces. As a result, the electronics are protected from damage even in the case of large potential differences, which are caused by long cables, for example. The SSD memories (Solid State Drive) used in the Rugged Computer are also worth mentioning. Unlike conventional hard disks, SSD memories are vibration-resistant. Durability is the top priority for Syslogic, even when it comes to the memories. The memories used, which are supplied by the industry specialist Cactus Technologies, are among the longest-lasting SSD memories on the market.

The Rugged Computer is used wherever the requirements are particularly high

Numerous qualifications prove that the Rugged Computer Compact 8 is not only virtually indestructible on paper, but also in continuous use under difficult conditions. The hardness tests that have been passed include vibration measurements in the frequency range from 5 to 2,000 hertz (EN 60068-2-64) or shock tests (EN 60068-2-27). Thanks to the Rugged housing with the clever Goretex module, Rugged Computers are also suitable for potentially explosive areas.

According to Florian Egger, Sales Manager at Syslogic, you’ll be hard pressed to find a device that is nearly as robust as the Syslogic Rugged Computer. Egger says: "Actually only military devices get this class of protection, but at a price that is up to ten times higher." Rugged Computers are frequently used in on and off-train applications, special and agricultural vehicles, construction machines and automatic guided vehicle systems (AGV). Thanks to the clever housing design, the Rugged Computer can also easily be installed outdoors without additional protection.

Über die Syslogic GmbH

Syslogic offers industrial computers, embedded PCs, single board computers and touch panel computers for demanding industrial applications. The devices are used in areas such as machine and vehicle construction as well as in traffic and railway technology. All embedded PCs and touch panel computers are developed and produced entirely in Europe. For over 30 years, Syslogic has thus stood for tailor-made, durable embedded systems that last for a long time. In addition to traditional product support, Syslogic offers its customers professional technical project support.

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