Quintex presents numerous new products at the ACHEMA 2018

Quintex has a lot to offer and to explain to visitors of the stand at this year’s ACHEMA 2018. A whole range of products that offer the process and plant industry high benefits for applications and operation, especially for trace heating and explosion protection.
Whether simplification in the connection of cables or data cables for flameproof enclosures or complex temperature measurement with up to 200 sensors in up to 1.5km long measuring cable, whether combination of controller and limiter for the trace heating in a flameproof enclosure, Wlan access points for Ex area or programmable LED matrix display to easily display on-site information: a lot has happened within the last 3 years.

Just as helpful, quick and easy as the products are the online tools shown on the homepage of Quintex GmbH. At the booth one could convince itself of practicality, speed and easy handling. Nobody needs to wait long for answers, but can generate them on his own in the sense of an accelerated process flow. Whether Ex e terminal boxes, cable/line bushings, design of trace heating or design of local control stations: everything goes fast over maximally 2 pages, is partially supported by visual drag and drop methods, and determines always immediately the current list price.

The attached pictures show the solutions of the product branches. Most of the associated data can already be found on the homepage or can be requested directly from the responsible sales or product management staff.

Here are some facts about the novelties shown:

LBCON: Connection by means of an LD with screwed-on Ex e round enclosure and terminal block. This avoids the opening of the Ex d encosure and opens up the possibility of easy contacting.

WLAN access point: The dome housing or long housing with special glass contains standardized or customer-specific industrial access points. This ensures data transmission in areas with Zone 1/21 categories (also in the sense of IoT)

TWIN system: Temperature sensor in a cable with automatic sensor assignment. Up to 200 active temperature sensors can be installed and monitored in a cable up to 1500m in length. No complex programming with address assignment, but intelligent connection enables easy integration in monitoring and process control systems

IRBM .. Ex d: Controller-limiter Combination with capillary thermostats in a flameproof enclosure. The limiter has its own approval, as it acts in Ex zone. The capillary is leaded through a pluggable cable bushing in order to determine the position on-site.

Programmable LED matrix in a flame proof enclosure. Easy programming of an LED matrix 32 x 192; 16.7 million colors to represent information almost figuratively and thus can be read at a glance. The programming can also be done in advance by Quintex.

Compact heater: Small resistance heater for Ex zones in different power output and operation voltages. Four standardized ranges are available: 6W and 12W for 24V or 230V. Avoiding condensation in enclosures or protecting electronics at low temperatures are widely used in applications that are now also available in hazardous areas.

There was a lot more. Just look at the live stream from our permanent exhibition in our premises. If you have requests or questions we can also clarify this via live conference. As if you are currently at our booth. The registration and arrangement form can be found on our homepage.


Über die Quintex GmbH

Quintex GmbH manufactures and supplies material for trace heating (heating tapes, heating cables, controller, connection sets) and explosion protection ( Ex e terminal boxes, pressurized systems, line bushings,own range of local control function, local control stations – all can be specified and ordered online)

We manufacture all our material in our own approved (ATEX, ISO, FM, CSA…) facility.

By this we can guarantee our high level of quality, reliability and in time delivery.

Firmenkontakt und Herausgeber der Meldung:

Quintex GmbH
i_Park Tauberfranken 13
97922 Lauda-Königshofen
Telefon: +49 (9343) 6130-0
Telefax: +49 (9343) 6130-105

Olaf Bohnenberger
Deutschland Süd / CH
Telefon: +49 (171) 4230555
E-Mail: olaf.bohnenberger@quintex.info
Parviz Etemadi
Deutschland Nord
Telefon: +49 (160) 90102407
E-Mail: parviz.etemadi@quintex.info
Reiner Friedrich
International Sales
Telefon: +49 (9343) 6130-210
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Michael Knögel
Telefon: +49 (9343) 6130-221
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E-Mail: michael.knoegel@quintex.info
Kathrin Neumann
International Sales support
Telefon: +49 (9343) 6130-123
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E-Mail: Kathrin.Neumann@quintex.info
Dave Redfern
Telefon: +49 (9343) 6130214
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Gisbert Schmahl
GF Technik /MD Technology
Telefon: +49 (9343) 6130-0
Fax: +49 (9343) 6130-105
E-Mail: gisbert.schmahl@quintex.info
Simon Spitznagel
Technical Support/ Produktbetreuung
Telefon: +49 (9343) 6130-233
Fax: +49 (9343) 6130-105
E-Mail: simon.spitznagel@quintex.info
Peter Volz
Deutschland Mitte
Telefon: +49 (151) 46176743
E-Mail: peter.volz@quintex.info
Klaus Weiter
product manager /Produktmanager
Telefon: +49 (9343) 6130-212
Fax: +49 (9343) 6130-105
E-Mail: klaus.weiter@quintex.info
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