macmon NAC integrates with FireEye Network Security

macmon secure GmbH recently presented its integration of macmon Network Access Control (NAC) with the security solution FireEye Network Security to an interested audience of industry professionals at the leading IT security trade fair, it-sa in Nuremberg, Germany. Thanks to this new integration feature, endpoints that FireEye Network Security classifies as dangerous or infected are marked as “non-compliant” in macmon NAC and automatically isolated appropriately. FireEye integration is enabled via a configuration dialog and allows status information from individual endpoints in the network to be received and processed.

Christian Bücker, Managing Director of macmon secure GmbH, reports:

“FireEye Network Security and macmon NAC now offer the powerful combination of effective threat detection and rapid isolation of the affected endpoints. This new feature gives our customers real added value for their corporate network security and centralizes distributed systems in one ‘total package.’ It allows for optimal use of your existing FireEye solution.”

Detecting Cyber Attacks in Real Time

FireEye Network Security is an effective cyber security solution that detects and stops complex and tar-geted attacks hiding in internet traffic in real time, reducing the risk of costly security breaches. FireEye Network Security also provides concrete evidence, actionable intelligence and recommended actions to help effectively resolve the detected security incidents within minutes. FireEye Network Security gives organizations effective protection against threats, whether they exploit a vulnerability in Windows or iOS operating systems or a specific application, are directed at headquarters or branch offices, or are hidden in large volumes of inbound internet traffic that has to be monitored in real time.

FireEye Network Security Communicates with macmon NAC

If a ransomware infects an endpoint despite all the necessary precautions, this endpoint is isolated from the network segment in seconds. That prevents malware from spreading across the network and en-crypting other resources in the network. With its advanced engine for detecting persistent threats, FireEye Network Security can detect a threat in your company network in an instant.

Christian Bücker with more:

“Our macmon NAC solution now enables FireEye Network Security to establish the compliance status of an endpoint. It works on networks of any size. With macmon NAC, we can actually provide comprehen-sive recording of and oversight over every endpoint on your network. When FireEye Network Security detects an attack on the network, it gives the malware found an appropriate classification. It then sends a notification to our compliance interface that includes information about the IP address and the name of the endpoint affected by the malware. macmon NAC processes this information and sets the compli-ance status of the infected endpoint to ‘non-compliant.’ A preset rule then safely isolates the endpoint with no need for the administrator to intervene. The endpoint is then moved to the remediation VLAN or the network connection is disconnected at the switch.”

macmon NAC – the Central Force on the Network

Along with macmon NAC smart for small and medium-sized companies and the latest version of the best-of-breed solution macmon NAC, visitors to the it-sa booth showed a particular interest in the sub-ject of interface capabilities. The macmon REST API integrates with existing and future software solutions to allow you to fully utilize macmon NAC as the central force on your network. The API offers unlimited access to macmon NAC smart network access control and its comprehensive network overview.

Visitors to the macmon booth at it-sa also got to see for themselves how macmon NAC creates real added value by integrating with other security products such as endpoint security solutions, emergency management and firewall/IPS. macmon secure uses its long-standing technology partnerships with renowned manufacturers of security products including tenfold Software GmbH, Contechnet, EgoSecure, Barracuda and NCP to advance the exchange of knowledge. As a result, our customers ben-efit from a wide range of options for meeting complex network security requirements.

Christian Bücker adds:

“Users of the NAC solution macmon NAC not only benefit from the software’s rapid implementation, high level of security and ease of use, but also from its ability to interface with other leading security products.”

Über die macmon secure GmbH

macmon secure develops network security software, focussing on Network Access Control. Founded in 2003 and based in Berlin, macmon secure has grown from strength to strength, becoming the technology leader in the field of Network Access Control. The macmon NAC solution is fully engineered in Germany. macmon secure has a broad diverse range of customers varying throughout all industries, capturing SMB’s, medium sized enterprises through to large international corporations.

macmon’s aspiration: Offering every company a flexible and efficient NAC solution. Which can be implemented with minimal effort, adding considerable surplus value for network security.

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