Han® DDD: Secure signal transmission with minimum space requirements

The Han® DDD industrial connector is currently the most consistent representation of miniaturisation in the robotics sector. The monoblock expands the benefits of the Han D® Series to enable the strongest possible transmission on minimum installation space. The triple “D” stands for maximum contact density.

The need for space-saving solutions is a fundamental theme in machinery, robotics and automation. It is what prompted HARTING’s development of the Han D® Series, which stands for high contact density and small dimensions. The Han® DDD has twice the number of contacts than the previous standard – yet retains the same dimensions and electrical characteristics.

The “Triple D” can transmit signals or power with max. 107 contacts. The electrical power is equivalent to that of its sister product, the Han DD® (max. 250 V / 10 A). To simplify handling in automation or robotics, HARTING also offers accessories such as grip panels and guiding pins/bushes.

The higher power density was achieved using the following methods:

– extending the creepage distances between the contacts by inserting attachments to the insulation body;

– using an improved PE connection to free up insulation material space for additional contact chambers;

– employing an offset arrangement of chambers to reduce the distance between the rows of contacts.

The Han® DDD can thus optimise the use of interfaces in conventional control cabinets. Space-saving applications are possible in all industrial sectors where electrical connections play a role.

Benefits to the customer:

  • Miniaturisation: in contrast to the previous standard, the surface has almost twice as many contacts (+130%) whilst retaining the same electrical characteristics;
  • Han® DDD reduces costs, as the number of contacts per interface is higher. No additional tools are needed for processing, for example, when fitting the wire ferrules of the PE contacts;
  • The use of Han® DDD speeds up the assembly. Thanks to the standard connection technology, the required cable lines to robots and machine modules can be routed quickly and easily with Han®
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