Glass and silicone keyboards ensure easy hygiene at the workplace through easy cleaning

In times of COVID-19, a clean workplace is important to protect your own health as well as the health of colleagues, employees and business partners. For many employees, the keyboard is an important part of everyday work. But keyboards are not only present in office environments. They are also used daily in manufacturing, supermarkets, airports, or at various counters. Oftentimes the same keyboard is used by several people. Regular cleaning is particularly important then.

Professional hygiene keyboards from PrehKeyTec make everyday life easier

Easy to clean glass keyboards

Glass keyboards from PrehKeyTec are particularly hygienic in many ways. The closed surface of the keyboards offers viruses and bacteria less attack surface. The surface is acid, hand perspiration, dust and liquid resistant. Therefore, it can be cleaned way more thoroughly than a standard keyboard. PrehKeyTec’s keyboards with a glass surface are especially used in sterile working environments. Due to their alphanumeric layout they are very versatile and can be used in a lot of areas. The company’s glass keyboards are available in black or white.

To clean glass keyboards from PrehKeyTec the following process is recommended:

  • Lock the keyboard with the built-in cleaning function (Fn + F12). The capacitive surface no longer reacts to keystrokes. It is therefore not necessary to disconnect the keyboard from the PC.
  • The keyboard is protected against water jets and can therefore be sprayed directly with glass cleaner or disinfectant. Please only use agents without abrasive components.
  • Then wipe the keyboard dry with a clean cloth.

Durable silicone keyboards

Silicone keyboards from PrehKeyTec can also be easily cleaned and disinfected. They have a closed surface with no edges or openings where dirt can accumulate. The keyboards are resistant to liquids such as hand lotion, sweat, soap, detergent, motor oil, gear oil, diesel, alcohol or antifreeze. They can therefore be easily cleaned with standard cleaning agents and disinfectants. Due to their robustness, silicone keyboards are mainly used in manufacturing and logistics, as well as in the health care sector due to their hygienic properties. With different layout variants available, the keyboards can also be used for other purposes.

To clean silicone keyboards from PrehKeyTec the following process is recommended:

  • Lock the keyboard with the built-in cleaning function (Fn + F12). The keyboard no longer responds to keystrokes. It is therefore not necessary to disconnect the keyboard from the PC.
  • Use a cleaning agent or disinfectant for cleaning. You can spray the agent directly onto the keyboard.

Durable, programmable, modular keyboards

Compared to standard keyboards, PrehKeyTec’s keyboards have increased protection against liquids. The programmable and configurable keyboards (additional modules, keyboard size, key size, arrangement, lettering and color) of the German manufacturer can therefore be cleaned more thoroughly.

To clean programmable keyboards from PrehKeyTec the following process is recommended:

  • Unplug the keyboard from your PC.
  • You can remove gross dirt with a handheld vacuum cleaner at the lowest level.
  • Then clean the keyboard with cleaning agents or disinfectants. Use a cloth instead of spraying the keyboard.
  • If necessary, dry the keyboard with a clean cloth.

To clean professional keyboards with relegendable key change technology from PrehKeyTec particularly thoroughly the following process is recommended:

  • Take a photo of your PrehKeyTec keyboard to be able to put the keys back on the layout correctly after cleaning.
  • Unplug the keyboard from your PC.
  • Remove the keys on your keyboard with a key puller that is available at PrehKeyTec.
  • You can use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove gross dirt from the housing of the keyboard at the lowest level.
  • Then clean the keys and the housing with cleaning agents or disinfectants. Use a cloth instead of spraying the keyboard.
  • If necessary, dry the keys and the housing with a clean cloth.
  • As soon as the keyboard is dry, you can carefully put the keys back in their place.

With high-quality, easy-to-clean keyboards, you can help to keep workplaces clean and reduce the risk of infection. For more information about hygienic keyboards, please contact PrehKeyTec at:

Über die PrehKeyTec GmbH

PrehKeyTec GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality data input systems. The product range includes modular keyboards as well as multifunctional reading devices and DIN-connectors that are all developed and produced in Germany. Solutions from PrehKeyTec reduce the complexity of data entry and thus save a considerable amount of time. Our devices are utilized in the following industries: Grocery, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Banking, Insurance, Aviation, Healthcare and more.

A global quality and environmental policy is one of our top priorities. Naturally, PrehKeyTec GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 quality standards. With our AEO-F (Authorized Economic Operator) certification and our status as a “Known Consignor“, we are able to ship our products quickly and reliably, in compliance with legal requirements, worldwide.

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