With only one pair of hands and a single ServerLIFT: Safely manage, move, lift and install heavy IT equipment alone

To maintain social distancing for the protection of yourself and others is key for all work carried out within the data centre. Tasks that were until recently perfomed by two data centre professionals, today very often must be done by one single person. This, for example, includes the installation of heavy IT equipment into the rack. Where a few months ago a colleague could stand only a few centimeters away helping to carry, hold and align a server into the rack, this is no longer permitted. The ServerLIFT solution has been developed to precisely address the issue of physical demanding installation tasks that can lead to physical injuries when handling heavy and expensive IT equipment. This transportation and lifting solution is available from Daxten, the data centre optimisation expert. The ServerLIFT enables one single data centre professional to move up to 450 kilograms (model-dependent) of IT equipment within the data centre, to lift it to any height within the rack and to mount it with pinpoint accuracy. 

Each ServerLIFT model consists of a stable chassis with casters, support arm and loading platform. A single person is able to move the fully loaded lifter with its compact width of approximatley 60 centimeters very easily round the corners, through doors, small rack corridors and even within contained hot or cold aisles in the data centre. Once it reaches its destination, the ServerLIFT will be simply parked in front of the rack, aligned, locked and the loading platform can be vertically lifted, model-dependent via a battery operated or manual winch, to the desired height within the cabinet. Then the platform can be extended horizontally between the 19 inch rack rails in such a way that the IT equipment can be inserted with pinpoint accuracy into the free U space of the rack. The IT component will be held in this position, until the data centre specialist has mounted it to the guide trails and finalised the cabling – and the whole installation is completed safely without physical exertion.

A range of clever accessories designed for use by a single person make lifting and racking very manageable: With the Lift Extension it is possible to lift IT equipment safely out of the shipping packaging and position on work benches, prior to being deployed. The Platform Riser allows for server installation in special racks of up to 3.0 metres high. Other accessories such as the Rail Lift, supports the equipment whilst giving the operator control over the angle of the server during installation or removal from the cabinet. And last but not least, the Bi-Directional Glide Table accessory with integrated rollers allows the IT equipment to be smoothly guided by a single pair of hands into position, which makes the installation even faster and more efficient.

Further information on the ServerLIFT product family and accessories is available from Daxten on +44 (0)20 8991 6200 or via info.uk@daxten.com.

Über die DAXTEN GmbH

For more than 25 years Daxten has provided innovative solutions to the Data Centre Industry. The company offers cutting edge cooling optimisation (CoolControl), power distribution, monitoring and infrastructure solutions that improve the resource efficiency, reliability and security of the data centre. Daxten is headquartered in London and Berlin. For further information please visit www.daxten.com/uk/.

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