NEW: The signotec Delta with DHCP

The new Delta pads enable the integration of devices into the network via DHCP, short for "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol". This means that the devices can be easily integrated into your environment via the network connection. The signature pad automatically "registers" itself in the network, so that – in opposite to before – no manual assignment of an IP address by the system administrator is necessary anymore.

The difference step by step in an overview:

Without DHCP:

1. A free, static IP address must be configured in the network.

2. Call up the service menu of the signotec Delta.

3. Configure the free, static IP address.
» This should only be done by the system administrator, as only this person has access to the administration of the IP addresses and may need to reserve one.

Assigning a manual IP address often involves additional effort, because the address space for static IPs must be reliably managed to prevent unwanted duplicate address assignment. For this reason, many administrators prefer to integrate network devices via the DHCP standard.

Time required: approx. 5 minutes (provided reliable address ranges are available for static IPs)

With DHCP:

1. Connect the signotec Delta via network.

2. The pad automatically verifies whether the network supports DHCP.

3. The pad automatically retrieves a free IP address and configures it in the device.

4. The assigned IP address is shown on the display.
» If the IP address changes, the new address is displayed when the device is started.

Time required: approx. 10-15 seconds (depending on the speed of the network)

If the device connected via the network cannot retrieve the IP address automatically, you are offered to either switch to USB mode or open the service menu.

Also new and additionally energy efficient: When the signotec Delta is configured for the network and the network cable is disconnected, the device automatically switches to standby mode until the cable is reconnected.

The new functions are available for all signotec Delta Pads from firmware 1.42 onwards. All devices manufactured as of July 2020 benefit from these innovations ex works. The price will of course remain the same for you.

In case a device already exists, the features can be upgraded in most cases. For safety reasons, this can only be done by us as the manufacturer. On request, we will be pleased to check this possibility. Just send a request with the serial number and hardware revision of your pad (which you will find on the back of the device) to and we will send you an offer.

Über die signotec GmbH

signotec GmbH was founded in 2000 and is the leading manufacturer of hardware and software for capturing handwritten electronic signatures.

As specialist in the field of capturing handwritten electronic signatures digitally and as technology leader for the continuous electronic handling of business processes we rationalize document management, activate saving potentials and guarantee highest security.

For this purpose, signotec offers various signature pads as well as a comprehensive range of software solutions for pads and mobile devices. All our products consist of our unrivalled quality "made in Germany" and address all companies on an international scale and in all business sectors.

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signotec GmbH
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40885 Ratingen
Telefon: +49 2102 53575-10
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Esther Loosschilder
Head of Marketing
Telefon: +49 5074 96727-42
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