eccenca Simplifies Use Of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Today eccenca releases version 20.06 of its flagship knowledge graph software Corporate Memory. The new release focuses on usability to enable business users and subject matter experts to easily use knowledge graph technology and enhance their workflows. "Over the last years businesses have acknowledged that the only way to really cope with the complexity of their data landscape is with knowledge graphs", explains René Pietzsch, Head of Product Management at eccenca. "Though, most businesses don’t employ data scientists or knowledge engineers to run the often complex software solutions. We understood that for knowledge graphs to become the get-go approach to linked data and semantic data management, it has to be manoeuvrable by the staff that actually work with the data – the management and the respective business unit staff. That’s why we focused on usability, user experience and ease-of-use with this release."

The new features of Corporate Memory simplify the migration of data as well as the exploration of linked data sources by non-techies. The first allows the automation of data migration and synchronization by data experts. The latter is a critical feature for fast and comprehensive data collection and extraction by business users for e.g. reporting, visualization or business intelligence analysis.

The main benefits of Corporate Memory 20.06 are:

  • Simplification of DataIntegration workspace: The new design of the DataIntegration module simplifies the exploration of data and integration of new data sources even by non-techies (BETA release)
  • Simplification of data queries: The new REST API connection allows for direct data queries from 3rd party client applications. Business users can browse the query library from their respective endpoint software and trigger queries without having to know or copy/paste long SPARQL code. SPARQL is the standard language for knowledge graph queries.
  • Simplification of reporting and visualization in Power BI: The newly added connector allows business user to easily import data from the knowledge graph to the widely used Microsoft Power BI software. This accelerates data collection for reporting and the visualization on Power BI dashboards.
  • Simplification and Automation of data migration: Data experts can automate migration between different data consolidation stages as well as between different instances (even using different Triple Stores) using the cmemc command line tool.
  • Automated change tracking: Corporate Memory now supports the automated tracking of changes made through its data exploration interface.
  • Automation of string normalization: The newly implemented unit conversion simplifies the normalization of strings to tuples. This allows the easy integration and comparison of various units. For example, the strings "10 km" and "6.2137 mi" can be normalized to "10,000" (m) and vice versa. The target unit can be changed according to the local standards. This allows the search of identical entries as well as the comparison of different units like miles and kilometer.
  • Jinja Template support: Jinja templates can now be used in workflow operations to define how data should be shaped. This can be used to produce text based outputs or to prepare input parameter for subsequent (REST) API calls.
  • Enhanced data protection and identification: The UUID generator allows users to choose between opaque and name-based URI generation. Opaque URI allow the obfuscation of the data within a triple by generating a random URI name. The namespace name-based option generates a unique URIs that gives a distinctive reference to the data represented by it.
  • Easy access to documentation and API test environment: The implementation of the OpenAPI Specification provides developers and data scientist an easy access to API documentation and interactive online testing. Also, with the new release the software documentation including several tutorials becomes publicly available.

The update of the tried-and-tested knowledge graph platform is a direct result of close communication with current clients from various industries including industry, financial services and telecommunication.

For more information on Corporate Memory visit or the Corporate Memory documentation hub.

Über die eccenca GmbH

eccenca is the leading German provider of enterprise knowledge graphs solutions. With its flagship product Corporate Memory it helps companies to master the ever-growing complexity and dynamics of their network, product and device life cycles. The multi-disciplinary integrative platform allows companies to manage their disparate rules, constraints, capabilities, configurations and data in a single application. This enables them to re-establish transparency and LOB ownership to a complex environment thus enabling real agility, autonomy and smart automation. eccenca is named Sample Vendor for Digital Supply Chain Twins by Gartner and TOP 10 GDPR Solution Providers by CIOApplications.

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