Photobooth-Deluxe automates passport photo creation with BioID

Photobooth-Deluxe, a provider of mobile photobooth systems from Germany is specialized on optimizing the quality and expanding use cases for such equipment. Through the integration of an ICAO-compliance check for biometric photos from German company BioID GmbH, yet another innovative application has been enabled: Photobooth-Deluxe now offers a cost-efficient self-service system for creating biometric ID photos for official documents. 


Photobooths have long exceeded only being a fun tool for weddings or company events. Numerous companies are now leveraging the possibility to automate employee pictures for their internal profile and badges as well as visa applications. These processes become more efficient through the self-service photobooth as it is available at all times and doesn’t require trained personnel. The high-end hardware is dedicated to creating high quality pictures for ICAO compliance, a standard needed for photos on identity documents.

Before printing the headshot images these are checked thoroughly by the BioID QualityCheck API. This API evaluates characteristics like lighting, head rotation, eye distance, as well as the age of the picture. This way it determines, whether or not the image is compliant with the official ICAO standards required for such a passport photo. The API can be tested at the BioID Playground, using the demo “Pic4Pass”. 


Internationally, this photobooth functionality is used in registration offices when citizens apply for driver’s licenses and identity documents. For instance, local city offices in Slovenia use the photobooth for issuing freshly taken passport images on-site. Not only does this cater to a higher level of service for the citizens but it also strengthens security, as it prevents submission of manipulated images.

In Germany, only recently there where experiments of morphed images including two different faces, which were submitted at registration offices and used to issue passports. As a result, facial recognition systems, but also humans, recognize both people in the morphed image on the ID or passport. This may result in a loophole for criminals. One way to prevent this situation, is to ask citizens to take their biometric pictures on-site, or have the passport photo taken and transmitted to the authorized service provider (e.g. passport office) directly.

The financial concept of Photobooth-Deluxe is easy and based on profit-sharing: Starting from 50 ID photos per month, the hardware is provided for free. 


For more than ten years, the company Photobooth-Deluxe has grown its experience with various photobooth systems and mobile setups. Since the triumph of digital photography began, multiple new use cases for photobooths have evolved. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation by developing modern photobooth systems since 2005. By now, more than 500 Photobooth-Deluxe systems are installed in the European market and beyond.

The company is managed by Jürgen Mayr, who focuses on the development and distribution of photobooths and the related software. For private and business use, Photobooth-Deluxe offers a both, a sales and a rental concept.
Our slogan is: The service makes the difference.

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