M equals Optimum with the new Brazed Plate Corrugation

Refrigeration, air conditioning technology, heat pumps and hot water systems are set to benefit from Kelvion’s new plate corrugation for its largest Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger series, GB 1000. Called the M-corrugation, which stands for medium, it fits between the H version for maximum specific performance and the L version for low pressure losses.

But medium doesn’t mean anything less than a top performance. The new plate is the ideal compromise for many applications: the M corrugation produces a large "thermal length", so that upcoming heat quantities can be transferred even at the slightest temperature differences. However, it causes lower pressure losses than the H version.

On the other hand, Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers with M-corrugation are more powerful than the same size with L- corrugation. The Kelvion GB 1000M is therefore suited to applications in building services, efficient data center air conditioning or refrigeration systems.

The M-corrugation makes it possible, for example, to increase the yield of solar thermal systems during seasonal changes, without requiring a high pump capacity.

The plate corrugation also allows the resource-saving operation of heat pumps or refrigeration systems with small temperature differences between the media or optimizes the transfer of heat in low-temperature heating systems.

With their large connections, heat exchangers in the GB 1000M series offer the possibility of handling large volume flows of up to 150 m3/h in order to achieve maximum heat transfer values. Additional features of the GB 1000M heat exchangers are the proven high leakage safety, thanks to the 100% pressure test check as well as a gas leak test at the end of the manufacturing process. A double sealing provides tightness in the connection area:

For this purpose, the nozzles are brazed both on the connection plate and on the first heat exchanger plate, so they are soldered twice. The Safety Chamber takes the misery out of high temperature fluctuations by absorbing thermally-induced stresses, thus reducing the mechanical load on the connections and the heat exchanger.

Equipped in this way, the GB 1000M Brazed Heat Exchangers are suitable for applications ranging from -196 to +200 °C and, depending on the design, for pressures up to 45 bar.

For more information and help on selecting the right size, see the myKelvion HX selection tool and www.kelvion.com.

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