Virus Protection in Enclosed Spaces – Air Disinfection with UV-C Radiation

In the age of SARS-CoV-2, the cold winter months pose particular challenges for people. Whereas during the summer months it was still comparatively easy to move large parts of life outdoors, falling temperatures are increasingly forcing people indoors. Here, in turn, conditions are ideal for the airborne spread of viruses via aerosols. Even in areas where regular ventilation is possible, the viral load in room air quickly reaches critical levels. Be it in classrooms, offices, public facilities, production halls, or restaurants — wherever groups of people spend extended periods of time in confined spaces, a massive risk of infection rapidly arises.

One way to reduce viral counts in the ambient air and thus the risk of infection is through filtration. However, the removal of viruses from the air using HEPA filters presents difficulties and limitations. Filters must be replaced on a regular basis, which in the case of dangerous viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 is associated with considerable effort and risk. Furthermore, there are additional operating costs incurred with the use of filters. Last but not least, studies suggest that filtering with standard HEPA filters has only limited effectiveness due to the small size of many viruses, including the coronavirus.

“In contrast to filtration, UV-C air disinfection with UVCARE® does not collect viruses with a filter medium, but irradiates them with short-wave UV light and thus kills or at least inactivates them," explains Joachim Schmelter, Managing Director of Schmelter LED-Technology® GmbH, developer of UVCARE® air disinfection.

The UVCARE® midi model consists of a visually attractive cylindrical enclosure for wall mounting or suspension. Inside, there is a high-performance fan motor working in conjunction with a particularly efficient UV-C emitter. With this combination, UVCARE® achieves an air flow rate of 133 m³ per hour. By using several devices, even larger rooms can be disinfected quickly and effectively. Open windows to add external ventilation is therefore no longer absolutely necessary.

Schmelter emphasizes that “with regard to questions of disinfection performance, users should not rely only on our promises. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the Research University of the Helmholtz Association, certifies that UVCARE® is effective in one cycle, by at least 96 percent, with a power consumption of no more than 36 Watt.”

Maximum disinfection levels remain constant over an average of 9,000 operating hours. This makes UVCARE® clearly superior to other disinfection systems.

Operating expenses are further reduced by eliminating the use of filters, disinfection agents, and other consumables. In addition, any overdosing or other negative effects, even when operated in the presence of other persons in the room, are ruled out. The specifically designed casing also makes it impossible for UV radiation to escape, in spite of high air flows. The MY21 version of UVCARE® is suited above all for the use in sensitive areas such as classrooms. With noise emissions of only 25.1 dB(A), the fan is barely audible while maintaining the same efficiency.

“The effectiveness of UVCARE® is not limited to coronaviruses,” says Schmelter. “All known viruses are destroyed by UV-C radiation. Even in the case of potential mutation of the SARS-CoV-2, UVCARE® will therefore offer reliable safety. Moreover, the same also applies to bacteria or to fungal spores.”

Über UVcare

Schmelter LED-Technology® GmbH of Bestwig, North Rhine-Westphalia, in the Hochsauerland region, develops and distributes LED products for professional applications. Among others, these include LED tubes, hall floodlights, store lighting, and LED strip lights.

Schmelter LED-Technology® advises clients on the implementation of complex lighting projects. The illumination of halls, production facilities, and workplaces is adapted to individual requirements with the help of professional lighting design based on digital lighting simulation.

Economic efficiency and sustainability are central aspects of the work of Schmelter LED-Technology® GmbH. Thus, the use of patented components makes it possible to replace conventional light sources with high-performance, energy-saving, and long-lasting LED tubes.

With UVCARE®, Schmelter LED-Technology® has used its many years of experience and competence in the field of lighting to develop one of the most effective air disinfection devices currently available on the market.

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