New members of the ELEPHANTS!

ELEPHANT.  The ELEPHANT tank bag still convinces BMW riders on all continents with its well thought-out details. It is extremely durable and flexible and has proven itself in the best possible way. Whether it‘s a map holder, photo insert or cooler pocket, there‘s no area of application that it can‘t cover. Wunderlich has constantly improved the all-rounder, so that it has matured over time into a legendary classic, the original.

Now the Ringen/Germany-based company has added a newly developed tank bag and bag generation to the proven ELEPHANT range. It differs from the original in terms of style and the fabrics used. The high standards of quality and functionality also set standards for the new line.

New: The »ELEPHANT« DRYBAGs. Puristic. Waterproof.

The DRYBAG series. All bags and the tank bag of the ELEPHANT DRYBAG series are characterized by the reduced, puristic and distinct design of high recognition value. They are constructed absolutely waterproof, they are UV-stable, robustly manufactured and durable.

As with the traditional ELEPHANT, CORDURA® is used, here in the 500 version. Its fine woven structure underlines the purist appearance of the new series. To ensure waterproofness and dimensional stability, a durable TPU layer is laminated to the inside of this high-quality technical fabric. All seams and doubles are carefully welded waterproof. The zippers are neatly finished and waterproof and dustproof. They are comfortable to handle. On the top side the DRYBAG bags are closed with an additional integrated protective cap, which is made in the same way as the bags themselves. It covers the top of the bags as well as the zippers. This construction ensures absolute waterproofness. The top of the bag is equipped with a versatile system of regularly arranged oval openings and loops, similar to the military MOLLE system. Here, additional pockets can be individually arranged and fixed in a simple, secure manner.

The form-stable bags provide secure hold and protection for the luggage, and they do not flap even at high speeds. They therefore also do not cause any unpleasant, speed-related fluttering noises, especially also because no additional waterproof cover is required for rain rides.

With the DRYBAG series, Wunderlich currently offers a tank bag, a seat and luggage rack bag and top bags for the cases.


Wunderlich‘s compact tank bag is the ideal solution for everyday riding, but it is just as predestined for a multi-day tour. It has a volume of 12 liters, which has proven to be very practical in everyday use. The precisely fitting molded insert inside, which can be removed with a handle, is equipped with an inner pocket that can be closed with Velcro and is easily accessible. The cover of the DRYBAG tank bag is equipped with a mesh pocket on the inside, which is equipped with a zipper. It carries what needs to be handy on the go.

The DRYBAG tank bag is mounted with the proven, model-specific ELEPHANT system brackets, which Wunderlich offers to fit every BMW. Dismantled, the ELEPHANT DRYBAG tank bag can be conveniently carried along by the handle.

Wunderlich offers the tank bag at a price of € 189.90* – 5-year warranty included!

»ELEPHANT« DRYBAG – seat and rack bag.

The multifunctional and compact bag, can be quickly and easily mounted on either the luggage rack or the pillion seat. Perfect when additional storage space is needed in a hurry. It has a volume of 12 liters, which can be expanded to a spacious 16 liters if necessary. The base of the bag is equipped with a surrounding form-stable insert. In the cover there is a generous mesh pocket for small items that need to be handy on the go. It is closed with a zipper.

The mounting of the DRYBAG seat and carrier bag is done in no time. Dismantled it can be carried along comfortably on the carrying handle.

The developers at Wunderlich have designed the ELEPHANT DRYBAG seat and rack bag not model-specific, so it can be used on almost any motorcycle! Not exclusively on a BMW.

Wunderlich offers them at a price of € 189.90* – 5-year warranty included!

»ELEPHANT« DRYBAG – case top bags

Wunderlich‘s tailor-made ELEPHANT DRYBAG case top bags fit on the side cases. This makes them the ideal companions on the big tour. They are accurately manufactured and equipped with a convenient and equally secure system for mounting. This allows mounting on the cases equipped with eyelets, such as the »EXTREME« cases from Wunderlich or the original aluminum cases.

They can also be lashed to the tried and tested Wunderlich luggage rails.

luggage rails for the original Vario plastic cases, which were specially developed for the GS models. Opening and closing of the cases is also possible with attached top bags. The undersides are designed to be paint-friendly and non-slip to prevent scratching The generous volume of 18 liters can be expanded by a further 8 liters to 26 liters.The pull-out is made by a surrounding zipper.

The base of the top bag is equipped with a surrounding form-stable insert. In the cover is a generous mesh pocket for everything that should be handy on the go. It is closed with a zipper.

The case top bags offer themselves besides as a very comfortable arm support for the passenger. All in all, probably the most pleasant and useful extension of the side cases. In addition to the set, the top bags are also available individually for left or right.

Wunderlich offers the top bags in the set at a price of € 299.00* and the individual bags for € 159.90* – 5-year warranty included!

*Prices may vary from country to country

44151-000 – Wunderlich tank bag »ELEPHANT« DRYBAG – black
44152-000 – Wunderlich seat and luggage rack bag »ELEPHANT« DRYBAG – black
44153-000 – Wunderlich case top bags black »ELEPHANT« DRYBAG – set – black
44153-010 – Wunderlich case top bags black »ELEPHANT« DRYBAG – left – black
44153-020 – Wunderlich case top bags black »ELEPHANT« DRYBAG – right – black

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