Quantum Leap in Advertising: Sellics Expands Benchmark Tool for Advertising Campaigns on Amazon to 20,000 Product Categories

Sellics, one of the leading providers of advertising software solutions for brands and agencies on Amazon, has launched a comprehensive update of the "Sellics Benchmarker": Now the comparison tool delivers even more precise benchmarks and insights thanks to, among other things, the expansion to 20,000 product categories. Advertisers on Amazon thereby get a unique and completely free tool for comparing the performance of their PPC campaigns with those of their competitors and thus identifying where there is a need for optimization.

Easy and quick overview of potential for performance and optimization
Advertisers have always been driven by one central question: How do they compare to their competitors? Until now, the answers to this question have been extremely limited and advertisers often were as blind as a bat. This only changed for advertisers on Amazon with the release of the "Sellics Benchmarker" in November 2020. Since then, Sellics has been working on new features based on the users’ feedback and has thus continuously optimized and expanded its tool.

In the now released version, users get, among other things:

  • Benchmarks for 20,000 product categories and nine Amazon marketplaces: Adata pool of products with over $2.5 billion in ad revenue leads to highly accurate
  • Evaluation at product level for up to 100 top products:Identification of concrete growth opportunitiesfor top products andareas where the greatest optimizationeffect can be achieved.
  • Even more precise evaluation of KPIs based onpercentiles:Are your own campaigns among the top 20 – or rather among the flop 20? What are realistic target values? Where is the greatest need for action? And where is the performance already so good that advertisers would be better off investing their time elsewhere?
  • Evaluation based on specific KPIs for all ad formats:Conversion Rate (CVR), Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per Click (CPC), Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) – for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display.

The “Sellics Benchmarker” will also be continuously expanded and equipped with additional features. Sellics is already planning the following updates:

  • Monthly reports with trend analysis:Users receive an ongoing overview of the performance in a dynamic environment in order to be able to measure the success of optimization.
  • Quantification of growth opportunities:Estimation of the monetary effect of various optimization measures – how much revenue can be generated through optimization or how much savings potential can be achieved?

Sellics: AI-based advertising software + market intelligence provider
Over the course of more than seven years, Sellics has become one of the leading advertising specialists in the Amazon environment, offering beginners and professionals alike solutions to optimize their PPC advertising campaigns across all company sizes: from manual to semi-automated, rules-based control to fully automated campaigns using industry-leading AI technology.

Market intelligence tools and services such as the “Sellics Benchmarker” and an insights center with guides, studies and reports enable advertisers to achieve optimal results on Amazon – even without extensive PPC experience and expertise.

In 2020 alone, the company managed more than $730 million in ad spend and more than 320,000 active campaigns from thousands of customers worldwide. Customers were able to increase their revenue by an average of 80 percent within three months of using the software.

Further information and registration for the “Sellics Benchmarker” can be found here.

A demo report of the “Sellics Benchmarker” can be found here.

Über die Sellics Marketplace Analytics GmbH

Sellics Advertising is a leading e-commerce and advertising optimization software dedicated to helping clients maximize ad reach, reduce ACoS & costs, and drive product sales and business profit on Amazon. Sellics clients across various Amazon marketplaces use the AI-based automation software supported by predictive insights generated by cutting edge machine-learning algorithms. The software solutions by Sellics are designed to save time and effort to enable clients to focus on what really matters – growing their business.

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