Landitec® complements Product Range with High-Performance Server Systems

Landitec® Distribution GmbH extends its product range with high performing 2U server systems, intended to be implemented in business fields such as data centers and TSPs as well as ISPs. By doing so, Landitec® underscores the crucial importance of deploying reliable, energy-efficient and simultaneously high performing hardware into critical infrastructures of these service providers.

With every passing day, the number of devices used rises proportionally, whereas in the same time the significance of certain telecommunication providers who carry a decisive role in our digital world grows globally. This described status demands a professional fulfillment of certain requirements, namely reliability, security, availability, flexibility and scalability. Implementing these demands within the same staggering speed of IT development seems to be one of the biggest challenges in digitization.

In order to meet these challenges, Landitec® provides a variety of hardware solutions for companies of the business fields data center, TSP and ISP. The scalable server systems combine essential key features such as high performance, connectivity and expandability with simultaneously offering a remarkable price/performance ratio and high-power efficiency. By implementing Landitec’s modular hardware appliances, the balancing act of optimized performance and minimized operating costs becomes an easy feat – enriched with long-term expert knowledge and professional, reliable as well as fast service.

The extension of the product range with modular server systems which can be tailored for ideal performance in every deployment scenario is a firmly scheduled business step taken by Landitec® – with the awareness of the fact that data centers, TSPs and ISPs are the control centers of today’s world of digitization. Being equipped with dual CPU sockets, the systems provide high computing performance and frequency. In addition, the RAM is expandable to a maximum of 2 TB. Regarding storage options, up to 2x 12 hot-swappable bays are provided, ensuring a high level of availability. Multiple 10GbE SFP+ and GbE Base-T ports guarantee high connectivity, rounding out the systems according to the high-performance standards. The mentioned features of these hardware systems fulfill the requirements to ideally perform as HA-clusters, CEPH-clusters or host systems in data centers, ISPs and TSPs.

By extending the range of server hardware, Landitec® gives telecommunication providers the possibility to sustainably optimize their IT infrastructure and simultaneously decrease total costs of ownership (TCO) in the long run. Hardware downtimes are cost-intensive and nerve-racking issues for every company. In such cases, countless users within the telecommunication and data center infrastructures would be affected by downtime problems, which is reason enough to avoid or at least to minimize downtimes as good as possible especially in these business fields. Landitec’s quality management – consisting, amongst other things, of mandatory burn-in-tests, 24h stress tests and 48h temperature tests – is unexceptionally carried out for every product before delivery, ensuring an extremely low failure rate (< 0.3 %). Consequently, cumbersome exchanges of hardware in conjunction with personnel costs are being prevented, meaning also a prevention of potential extra costs in future.

The server solutions and additional services of Landitec® pave the way to a technological future for TSPs and ISPs, where contemporary performance, reliable product quality and efficient cost optimization are intertwined and implemented in a market-oriented manner. The continuous extension of the product range with innovative networking hardware is a pursuing business strategy of Landitec®, aiming to achieve an optimizing and accelerating contribution to national and global digitization.

Über die Landitec Distribution GmbH

Landitec® Distribution GmbH is a specialized distributor for network equipment located in Kamen, Germany. Landitec’s product portfolio consists of hardware solutions which are designed for purposes such as digital signage, industrial solutions, In-Vehicle appliances and embedded boxes with wide temperature range. In addition, Landitec® cooperates with well-known software companies with focus on firewall, NG firewalls, network monitoring, NAC, SD-WAN, SDN, load-balancing and more. Furthermore, supporting open source software projects is a part of Landitec’s business philosophy. The combination of high-performance hardware and open source software is enriched by Landitec’s quality management, extensive service and deep engineering experience.

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