Precise temperature simulation with water-glycol for test benches in the automotive industry

With PRESTO W50, W55 and W56 process circulators, we offer our customers the perfect solution for precise and highly dynamic temperature control of these processes. All devices can be easily used with standard water-glycol mixtures (max. mixing ratio 40:60).

The powerful PRESTO W50 and W55 cover working temperatures of -40 °C to 90 °C with water-glycol; the PRESTO W56 from -45 °C to 150 °C (with optional accessories). As standard, these units impress with their very short cool-down and heat-up times. With a cooling capacity of 7.5 kW and a heating capacity of 6 kW or 12 kW, the W50 units can quickly compensate for temperature fluctuations even at higher ambient temperatures. For large external applications in the field of reactor temperature control, material stress tests or temperature simulation, the W55 impresses with a cooling capacity of 15 kW and a heating capacity of 15 kW. The PRESTO W56 provides extremely quick and efficient temperature control for applications with high performance requirements. With a cooling capacity of 25.8 kW at 20 °C, it offers the greatest heating capacity of the 1-stage highly dynamic temperature control systems in the PRESTO series with 27 kW. Thus, in direct operation with water-glycol, the PRESTO models not only dynamically cover the entire typical automotive temperature range from -45 °C to +150 °C, but also master the fast temperature changes required on the test benches.

Thanks to a wide range of accessories and a system that has been thought out down to the last detail, PRESTO is extremely flexible and user-friendly. For example, JULABO also offers supplementary accessories for precise flow measurement and control, based on customer requirements, or with the magnetically coupled booster pump, which is the ideal solution for increasing the pressure or flow rate within the application if required.

Precise temperature simulation is extremely important on test benches in the automotive industry, as all vehicle components, from the control electronics to the gaskets and load-bearing elements, are exposed to strong temperature fluctuations that stress the material and circuits in addition to the stresses caused by mileage. This also particularly applies to new developments in the field of e-mobility. All electronic components must be able to withstand a precise test under real-life conditions, which includes a simulation of environmental factors as well as functional loads.

A large number of automotive manufacturers and suppliers all over the world already rely on JULABO temperature control systems for their test benches. Thanks to decades of experience and our high quality standards, all devices are tailored to customer-specific requirements down to the last detail. Please feel free to contact us directly so that we can also provide you with a suitable solution.

Über die JULABO GmbH

JULABO was founded in Germany in 1967. The company represents innovation and competence in the field of temperature control technology for demanding applications. JULABO instruments with advanced control technology are used anywhere that high temperature precision or rapid reactions to temperature changes are required. JULABO delivers Refrigerated and Heating Circulators, Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems, Recirculating Coolers, Water Baths, many additional products, and a wide range of accessories. More than 600.000 JULABO units installed around the world demonstrate a high level of acceptance among users in research and industry. JULABO has earned its position as one of the world’s leading companies in the field of liquid temperature control solutions through its dedication to quality, German engineering as well as rapid, competent support provided by local partners.

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