Essential basics

The Wunderlich range for BMW motorcycles is vast. Based off many years of experience of the Grafschafter, immense indispensable, reliable basics have been established in the range of numerous model-specific highlights, which are the basics of their beloved BMW.

Some of these popular basics – the list is far from exhaustive – have now been unveiled by the specialists for high-quality BMW motorcycle accessories for the widley popular new BMW S 1000 XR, No. 3 in the current BMW registration statistics:

Put a leash on it!
Helmet anti-theft device »Helm-Lock«

This practically „puts the helmet on the leash.“ The solid stainless steel device and the neatly dimensioned wire securing up to two helmets and disappears under the seat when not in use. So there is no need for an additional key!

The steel thimbles and the silicone-coated steel cable are evidence of a well-thought-out design by the Wunderlich developers.

Professional theft protection for 69,90 €*. Including 5 years warranty.
Item-No. 44320-900 Helmet anti-theft device »HELM-LOCK« – silver

Unsinkable from now on!
Side stand enlarger

Wunderlich‘s proven side stand support extension consists of 8 mm high-strength, black anodized aluminum.

On hot tarred surfaces and wet meadows, there is a latent danger that the side stand of the XR will sink in unnoticed – especially when it is fully loaded. It does not tip over at best, but it still takes a lot of force to get it upright, as experience has shown that the sunken side stand is very resistant. If the machine falls over, however, there is a risk of expensive damage to the motorcycle.

Small part. Big effect! 49,90 €* including 5 years warranty!
Item-No. 36060-602 Side stand enlarger for the new BMW S 1000 XR

Hands up!
Handlebar riser »ERGO«

20 mm handlebar rise for perfect ergonomics and comfort, more passive safety, and better overview in traffic!

The effects are considerable: For example, the increase in the height of the handlebars by 20 mm, which is inconspicuous at first glance, has a relaxing and relieving effect on the back and arm muscles. At the same time, the spine, pelvis, and coccyx are relieved. The upright riding position noticeably improves touring suitability and comfort. In contrast to cramped riding, relaxing riding provides a plus in passive safety and a better overview of the traffic situation.

The price: 89,90 €*. 5 years warranty!
Item-No. 41971-011 Handlebar riser „ERGO“ -20 mm – silver

Need a lift?
Lifting handle

With Wunderlich‘s folding lifting handle, you have everything under control. The ergonomic component optimizes the lever ratio when lifting up the XR on the center stand – especially when the fully loaded bike. The non-slip grip lies well in hand. It allows significantly more power to be transferred than on the frame tubes, which are difficult to grip or even inaccessible due to luggage. After jacking up, the handle disappears inconspicuously in its resting position. A mechanism ensures that the handle is securely locked in the folded position. The handle and console are made of high-quality aluminum—first-class craft with a perfect technical-functional appearance.

Wunderlich offers the lifting handle for 139,90 €*. Including 5 years warranty.
Item-No. 26190-202 Lifting handle S 1000 XR – black

Best prospects!
Windshield »MARATHON«

Wunderlich has written effective wind and weather protection, ergonomics, and pronounced long-distance comfort for relaxed riding into the product specifications for its „MARATHON“ fairing screens. Of course, riders of the BMW S 1000 XR can also rely on these trademarks. It is available – as usual – in transparent and smoke grey-tinted and offers optimum relief from wind pressure as well as a noticeable reduction in turbulence. This is how the „MARATHON“ screen shows its full potential, a screen that underlines the character of the XR with its integrated shape. The proven, high-quality, optically pure, highly durable, scratch-resistant, UV, and petrol-resistant PMMA plastic is used. Polished lens edges optimize the aerodynamics, the clear view, and it reduces annoying wind noise.

Wunderlich offers the proven wind and weather protection for 189,90 €* – including 5 years warranty.
Item-No. 35753-001/-002 Wunderlich Windshield »MARATHON« (transparent/smoked grey tinted)

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*Prices may vary from country to country

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