Thermoelectric cooling assemblies actually defined

P&N Europe develops and produces high efficiency cooling assemblies, based on peltier technology. These assemblies can be developed in accordance to customers’ requirements to efficiency, performance and durability. As for the brand of cooling fans, heatsinks and all other equipment, P&N Europe is independent, meaning that everything can be adapted to a customer’s requirements. The Read more about Thermoelectric cooling assemblies actually defined[…]

Peltier technology on top level

P & N Europe provides hightech peltier solutions in Europe. The main part of any peltier cooling solution is one or more peltier element. Depending on the application, P & N Europe has a big variety of different types of elements. There are high performance, miniature and cycling elements available. All peltier elements are developed Read more about Peltier technology on top level[…]

Peltier Cooling Devices and Peltier Elements

Powerful electrical assemblies or components usually generate power losses, converted into heat. Depending on the ambient temperature, operating location and installation position, the increased temperature can lead to malfunctions or even total failures. Peltier cooling devices or Peltier elements from P&N Europe can easily remedy this situation. In comparison to other cooling technologies, such as Read more about Peltier Cooling Devices and Peltier Elements[…]

Customized Thermoelectric Modules

Peltier technology is the topic if certain components are to be maintained at an exact temperature. Standard sizes are common, but mostly not optimal. Individual sizes are therefore the answer to a lot of customer problems. In close cooperation with the specialists at P&N-Europe, customized, project-oriented and ready-to-connect Thermoelectric Modules (TEM) are created for series Read more about Customized Thermoelectric Modules[…]

Moisture protection through parylene coating for Peltier elements

In order to achieve increased protection against environmental influences on printed circuit boards (PCBs), lacquer coatings based on silicone or epoxy resins ­­are often insufficient or prove problematic when applied. The alternative is parylene coating. The advantage is an even, homogeneous and thin, free of defects, applied protective cover effectively against dust, dirt and moisture. Read more about Moisture protection through parylene coating for Peltier elements[…]

Thermoelectric made individual

Powerful electrical components or components usually generate power losses that manifest themselves in the form of heat. Depending on the ambient heat, the location or installation position, the resulting heat can lead to disturbances or even total failure. Here Peltier cooling devices or Peltier elements can easily remedy. Compared to other cooling techniques (e.g. compressor Read more about Thermoelectric made individual[…]

Dehumidifier sets new standards

P&N Europe GmbH introduces the new fully automatic dehumidifier for switching cabinets, control panels and further more applications. The dehumidifier reliably protects against unwanted humidity and condensation inside those housings. The device works as a plug&play solution. Simple DIN rail mounting and DC supply voltage make it possible. The dimensions are 125 mm x 66 Read more about Dehumidifier sets new standards[…]