Han® Configurator: New features simplify modifications

For the first time ever, users can now make customised adjustments to the housings of series-produced industrial interfaces by using the Han® Configurator, the HARTING online tool for designing connectors (at www.harting.com). Cable entries can be modified, letterings can be applied to hoods and housings. Users can use the Han® Configurator’s new feature to design Read more about Han® Configurator: New features simplify modifications[…]

artimelt UV adhesives and their Fields of Use

UV-curing adhesives can now be used for a wide range of applications. Although originally developed to replace solvent-based adhesives, UV adhesives can do much more. Due to the artimelt base polymer formulations, removable adhesives and adhesives with a strong bond can be manufactured using one and the same raw adhesive mixture. artimelt UV adhesives can Read more about artimelt UV adhesives and their Fields of Use[…]

Adhesive for sterile environments

A large number of medical products are packaged and sterilized, including plasters, medical tape, surgery drapes and ECG electrodes. All of these products use an adhesive. The packaging is also often closed or sealed with an adhesive. The adhesive must be able to withstand the sterilization processes commonly used without its properties changing. Furthermore, the Read more about Adhesive for sterile environments[…]

2nd ECP Summer Summit

. – High level or participation from Southern and Eastern Europe – Attendance record and more than 500 arranged networking meetings – 4th European Chemistry Partnering will take place on 27 February 2020 in Frankfurt Podcast of the panel discussion “Digitization Networking in Chemistry available soon On September 26, international representatives from startups, SMEs, large Read more about 2nd ECP Summer Summit[…]

Adhesive that comes into contact with foodstuffs

. Labels in the supermarket When walking through the supermarket, have you ever noticed how many products feature labels? By labels, I don’t mean the small price tags – these have in recent years been almost completely done away with and prices are instead displayed on shelves – but rather the larger labels that are Read more about Adhesive that comes into contact with foodstuffs[…]

Solvent based cleaning at high pressure

Increasing demands on cleanliness, in terms of freedom from both particulate and film-type contaminants, call for the use of adapted cleaning solutions. These now include a new spray cleaning system for solvent-based cleaning machines by Ecoclean. With this process option, spray processes and injection flood washing can be performed at adjustable pressures between 10 and Read more about Solvent based cleaning at high pressure[…]

New thermally conductive adhesives for manual applications

Polytec PT has added three products to its extensive range of thermally conductive adhesives, which can be easily processed from side-by-side cartridges. When used as a bonding technique, thermally conductive adhesives fasten components to create a durable mechanical connection, while enabling heat to transfer from the warmer component to the colder component. Thus in many Read more about New thermally conductive adhesives for manual applications[…]

Demands on a modern plaster

Plasters are found in virtually every home first-aid kit. They are available in all shapes and colors and in many different materials, such as fabrics or synthetics. Some plasters have a strong bond and some can be removed easily, while others have additional functions such as antibacterial properties, padding, absorption of wound secretions or for Read more about Demands on a modern plaster[…]

Adhesive tapes – use and function

When you hear the term adhesive tape, the first thing most of you will probably think of is the traditional adhesive tape used in offices or packing tape used for sealing shipping cartons. This is no surprise. After all, these are the applications that we seem to come across the most in our everyday lives. Read more about Adhesive tapes – use and function[…]

Glob Top spray dispensing tests with DELO adhesive

Microdispensing in the electronics industry can help to increase the service life of individual components. Glob Top Potting, for example, protects sensitive components, usually semiconductor chips, from mechanical stresses such as vibrations or temperature fluctuations. It also protects them from external environmental influences such as moisture or corrosion. A viscous resin matrix is applied, mostly Read more about Glob Top spray dispensing tests with DELO adhesive[…]