An easy cut, how difficult can that be? Far from it, because when it comes to millimeters, the devil is often in the detail – for example in control cabinet and control engineering. An imprecise incision of a cable duct has usually not the severe consequences of a similar deviation in a surgery – nevertheless, Read more about Outstanding![…]

Familiar technology revitalized

With models TML 250 and TML 500 (TML, thin material lifting) Alfra GmbH has developed two new permanent lifting magnets. The new magnets from the leading manufacturer of tools and machines for the metalworking industry and trade lift material even from a thickness of 2 millimetres. This performance feature is unique in the industry to Read more about Familiar technology revitalized[…]

Metal core drilling redefined

Two redesigned metal core drilling machines from Alfra GmbH allow core drilling even on thin-walled material from a thickness of 3 millimetres. Both machines, ALFRA Rotabest RB 35 SP and RB 50 SP, stand out with a unique overall concept. The SP line has extremely adhesive permanent magnets at the same time as an amazingly Read more about Metal core drilling redefined[…]