On safe paths

The RSL 400 safety laser scanner not only ensures that automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are operated safely by means of protective and warning fields, but it also simultaneously captures the measurement values for the navigation software. When the triangulation principle is used for navigation, AGVs are usually equipped with two different sensors: one for safety Read more about On safe paths[…]

Low noise laser line generators with reduced coherence

The LNC-series low noise laser diode modules from Schäfter+Kirchhoff have reduced power noise, reduced coherence length and low speckle contrast as a result of an internal RF-modulation. The low noise (< 1% RMS, <1 MHz) and the mode-hopping free laser operation makes them ideal for particle measurements or advanced medical and biotechnological applications. Laser diodes Read more about Low noise laser line generators with reduced coherence[…]