artimelt UV adhesives and their Fields of Use

UV-curing adhesives can now be used for a wide range of applications. Although originally developed to replace solvent-based adhesives, UV adhesives can do much more. Due to the artimelt base polymer formulations, removable adhesives and adhesives with a strong bond can be manufactured using one and the same raw adhesive mixture. artimelt UV adhesives can Read more about artimelt UV adhesives and their Fields of Use[…]

Adhesive for sterile environments

A large number of medical products are packaged and sterilized, including plasters, medical tape, surgery drapes and ECG electrodes. All of these products use an adhesive. The packaging is also often closed or sealed with an adhesive. The adhesive must be able to withstand the sterilization processes commonly used without its properties changing. Furthermore, the Read more about Adhesive for sterile environments[…]

Adhesive that comes into contact with foodstuffs

. Labels in the supermarket When walking through the supermarket, have you ever noticed how many products feature labels? By labels, I don’t mean the small price tags – these have in recent years been almost completely done away with and prices are instead displayed on shelves – but rather the larger labels that are Read more about Adhesive that comes into contact with foodstuffs[…]

Demands on a modern plaster

Plasters are found in virtually every home first-aid kit. They are available in all shapes and colors and in many different materials, such as fabrics or synthetics. Some plasters have a strong bond and some can be removed easily, while others have additional functions such as antibacterial properties, padding, absorption of wound secretions or for Read more about Demands on a modern plaster[…]

Linerless labels – why cheap components can end up being expensive in the long run

Linerless labels have been a hot topic on our website over the past year. This blog has highlighted how the labels are put together, plus their applications and advantages. This time around, we are focusing on the question of why high-quality individual components should be used and why the use of cheaper alternatives can end Read more about Linerless labels – why cheap components can end up being expensive in the long run[…]

MDR – an overview

. Introduction The MDR (Medical Device Regulation) is currently a hot topic and is keeping manufacturers of medical products and their suppliers on their toes. There are many different reasons for this. On one hand, the timeline laid out by the EU is extremely ambitious and, on the other, it is not yet clear how Read more about MDR – an overview[…]

Tamper-proof labelling with artimeltsurface

Not only drug manufacturers are faced with the essential obligation to tamper-proof their cardboard packaging as a result of the new European anti-tampering guideline which took effect on 9 February 2019. Other manufacturers are also increasingly looking for new ways to label or seal their products in such a way that consumers can clearly recognise Read more about Tamper-proof labelling with artimeltsurface[…]

Linerless material

The journal "Narrow Webtech" has published an article written by Wolfgang Aufmuth, Product Manager at artimelt. In this article you can read more about linerless material, its use, components and where special attention is required. Über die artimelt AG Since 1981, artimelt AG has been producing premium hot melt adhesives in Sursee. We are personally Read more about Linerless material[…]

Stick together

Stick together Though adhesives are a crucial part of the packaging industry, manufacturers need to ensure their work is environmentally friendly. artimelt can offer their product partners across the value chain a range of products. What role do adhesives play in packaging, with particular regard to product labelling? artimelt: Adhesives play a vital part in Read more about Stick together[…]