The New VITROCELL® RH/T-Controller

The VITROCELL® RH/T-Controller system was designed to measure temperature and relative humidity in numerous applications at high precision. It can be fitted to humidification systems, aerosol ducts and climatic chambers. In cell exposure, relative humidity is a key factor for cell viability – this is even more important at longer exposure durations. With the new Read more about The New VITROCELL® RH/T-Controller[…]

VITROCELL® 12/12 now available with Climatic Chamber

The VITROCELL® 12/12 module system has been designed to facilitate the exposure of mammalian cell cultures to airborne substances such as gases, complex mixtures, nanoparticles and fibers. It features a throughput of 3 dilution steps @ 3 replicates and 1 clean air control at 3 replicates. In order to optimize the exposure for liquid aerosols and Read more about VITROCELL® 12/12 now available with Climatic Chamber[…]