Grundlagen Digitale Filter (Seminar | Ostfildern)

Digitale Filterung ist eine der Hauptsäulen der digitalen Signalverarbeitung, die ihrerseits in der modernen Medien-, Übertragungs- und Messtechnik allgegenwärtig ist. Das Seminar führt in die Grundlagen der digitalen Filter ein. Es bietet praktische Anleitungen für deren Realisierung und Optimierung, insbesondere mittels Matlab® oder der etablierten Open-Source-Alternative GNU Octave. Inhalte> Grundlagen, Vergleich von analogen mit digitalen Read more about Grundlagen Digitale Filter (Seminar | Ostfildern)[…]

CONEC IP67 D-SUB series

For industrial use in harsh environments, connector systems are needed that meet special requirements. The CONEC range includes a wide variety of IP67 D-SUB connectors and corresponding protective hoods. In addition to the IP67 product series D-SUB, D-SUB High Density, Combination D-SUB, Combination D-SUB High Density and Filter D-SUB in standard design, CONEC offers the Read more about CONEC IP67 D-SUB series[…]

Sustainable nonwovens for the construction industry

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of everyday life. Geotechnical solutions have long contributed to working more sustainably in the construction industry. The geosynthetics manufacturer NAUE is taking the next logical step with a biodegradable nonwoven. Classic nonwovens Geotextile nonwovens for separation, filter, protection and drainage functions have been used successfully in many Read more about Sustainable nonwovens for the construction industry[…]

Telemeter Electronic offers new RF filter

Following the successful market launch of its electromechanical RF switches (TEleRel), Telemeter Electronic has added Telemeter filters to its range of branded products. You are going to find the new, high-quality filter range under the brand name "TElePur". You benefit in particular from the extensive range of Telemeter Electronic filters. This range includes high, low, Read more about Telemeter Electronic offers new RF filter[…]

Space-saving filter banks for all requirements!

Challenging applications in a wide frequency range, such as test automation or harmonic suppression, require compact filter banks. Telemeter Electronic offers an wide range of filters and the possibility to combine individual filters in a filter bank. Various variants of fixed filter banks and switchable filter banks are available to the customer. Variable frequency ranges Read more about Space-saving filter banks for all requirements![…]

EDD®– Excellent PIM performance at minimal space

Due to increasing demands of miniaturization, telecommunications infrastructure requires smaller devices. At the same time modern transmission technologies require many connections per device and make high demands on intererence-free functionality. This results in the need for a connector that has been specially developed for radios and antennas with smaller footprints and offers excellent passive intermodulation, Read more about EDD®– Excellent PIM performance at minimal space[…]