The smallest electronically commutated AC fan sets new standards

With the ball bearing mounted EC fan UFT60BBP and a dimension of merely 60x60x25mm SEPA EUROPE closes a gap in the AC range of fans. It replaces the old AC fan with its high power consumption and has many advantages compared to the old design. The new EC fan surpasses its predecessors by far. With Read more about The smallest electronically commutated AC fan sets new standards[…]

Innovative RaAxial fan

The fan and cooling specialist SEPA EUROPE unveils a true innovation this year: The RaAxial fan. This created term is a combination of the words radial and axial. The microfan with its dimensions of 17x17x4.5mm is ideal for compact, embedded applications and offers numerous possibilities, e.g. as an axial fan for the ventilation of housings or Read more about Innovative RaAxial fan[…]

New Handbook: Thermal management for electronic components

Due to the extremely rapid development in all areas of technology, we consider it necessary to re-issue the technical book on „Thermal management for electronic components“ written by Heinrich Cap of SEPA EUROPE. The second edition was comprehensively updated and supplemented and now includes new findings and knowledge relating to state-of-the-art technology. The volume gives Read more about New Handbook: Thermal management for electronic components[…]

Intelligent solutions for LED cooling by SEPA EUROPE

Stable light colours, a high life expectancy and low energy requirements are the unbeatable advantages of LED technology. However, whereas the energetic superiority comes virtually automatically, considerable investment must be made in thermal management to fulfil the demands on the colour values and service life. Only well cooled diodes can keep what they have promised Read more about Intelligent solutions for LED cooling by SEPA EUROPE[…]

High-performance fans for LED cooling

LED lighting provides what today’s customer wants because it is not only energy-efficient but also environmentally friendly and long lasting. However, light-emitting diodes convert a large part of the absorbed power into heat that requires dissipating so that heat management becomes indispensable. Passive cooling solutions soon reach their limits due to lack of space. Active Read more about High-performance fans for LED cooling[…]