Mapping Sensor from Balluff– Precision in the smallest possible space

For wafer mapping Balluff offers a highly precise photoelectric sensor which integrates perfectly into the end effectors. Especially designed for extremely thin end effectors, the compact BOH TI-R002 mapping sensor features an extremely controlled and focused light spot with outstanding homogeneity. It offers the highest precision in the smallest possible space, reliably detecting the edges Read more about Mapping Sensor from Balluff– Precision in the smallest possible space[…]

OUSTER Multi-Beam Flash LiDAR

The OS1 multi-beam flash lidar brings 3D sensing to any platform. Engineered for performance, and priced for large-scale deployment starting at 3,219€ excl. VAT. The OS1 is the world’s first multi-beam flash lidar, combining the precision of individual laser beams with the high-resolution and reliability of flash technology. Whether you’re working on object classification, mapping, Read more about OUSTER Multi-Beam Flash LiDAR[…]

Real-time thermal mapping by SenseAnywhere

Greater demand for storage facilities, an increase in temperature-labelled pharmaceuticals and stricter regulations are all driving the need for temperature mapping. Regulators require a thermal mapping study for any space intended for storage and handling of temperature-sensitive products. A mapping study establishes the temperature distribution within the zone being mapped and identifies any hot or Read more about Real-time thermal mapping by SenseAnywhere[…]