Improving the scratch resistance of PMMA with ROWALID SR Masterbatches

The many positive properties of acrylic glass (polymethyl methacrylate, abbreviated PMMA) have made it very popular and it is used in various industries. ROWA Masterbatch has improved the scratch resistance further enriching this valuable plastic. Acrylic glass is frequently used in outdoor applications such as windows and facades and to create advertising spaces and company Read more about Improving the scratch resistance of PMMA with ROWALID SR Masterbatches[…]

Extruder screws in the fast lane

ROWA Masterbatch and ROMIRA are equally renowned as industry specialists for the highest quality standards and products tailored to the customer. A common, technical core competence of the companies is less well known: The extruder screw facility (the Schneckenhaus) in which the pairs of extruder shafts are stored. The spaces of the extruder screw facility Read more about Extruder screws in the fast lane[…]

Precision par excellence

ROWA Masterbatch and ROMIRA are once again investing in the future with the purchase of new color measuring instruments. Externally somewhat inconspicuous but equipped with impressive inner virtues: CM-3700A are the 5 new technical assistants from ROWA Masterbatch and ROMIRA. These are the latest generation spectrophotometers that are designed at the highest level for perfect Read more about Precision par excellence[…]

Masterbatches for 3D printing

The whole world is talking about 3D printing, for both large building projects and private uses. The first bridge made by 3D printing will be opening for pedestrians in Amsterdam at the beginning of 2019, for example. ROWA Masterbatch is also addressing this hot topic and is increasingly proving to be an ideal partner for Read more about Masterbatches for 3D printing[…]

Plastic parts in a metallic look are conquering the automotive sector

There is a new trend in the premium segment of automobile manufacturers: the use of plastics in a metallic design for vehicle parts such as radiator grilles, scuff plates and applications in the bumpers. The advantages of this include less paintwork and the easier production of large quantities. ROWA Masterbatch has taken this development on Read more about Plastic parts in a metallic look are conquering the automotive sector[…]

Laser marking of plastics

ROMIRA, an independent compounder, has been setting standards in the production of technical compounds and blends for over 25 years. Utilizing technical know-how and state-of-the-art production facilities with the aim to offer customers the best possible solutions is what distinguishes the company from competitors. Thanks to ROWA Masterbatch’s state-of-the-art laser marking machine, ROMIRA is able Read more about Laser marking of plastics[…]

Small scale as well as large scale

ROWA Masterbatch further optimizes efficiency, quality stability and service with its investment in the new laboratory machine ZSK 26. The twin-screw extruder can produce the same product as its big brother ZSK 45 – but to a lesser extent. Thanks to the reliable scale-up that is available, ROWA Masterbatch is now able to efficiently transfer Read more about Small scale as well as large scale[…]

Digital microscopy: little things really big

Insufficient leveling, wetting problems and inhomogeneous coating thicknesses – problems like these, which can already occur during the coating process, clearly demonstrate that the high-quality, industrial coating of plastic web material as well as the development and choice of suitable lacquer systems are relevant topics. Aging under the effects of moisture, temperature and/or light can Read more about Digital microscopy: little things really big[…]

ROWA Masterbatch supplies a power version of violet

The color specialists from the American Pantone institute have reached their decision: 2018 will be a dramatic year – at least in terms of color. Every year, the experts who monitor influences and trends in all kinds of design fields, from catwalks to the automotive industry, choose a symbolic color that best reflects the zeitgeist, Read more about ROWA Masterbatch supplies a power version of violet[…]

Unreasonable risk classification of TiO2

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) counts as the most important white pigment. However, after a suggestion of the French National Agency for Food, Environmental, and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) recommended to classify Titanium dioxide “suspected of having a carcinogenic effect on humans” if inhaled. This Read more about Unreasonable risk classification of TiO2[…]