Lasting safety for food production protection

In the food industry, metal detectors are used for quality assurance and to protect against contamination. However, achieving the most accurate detection results requires more than simply using the best technology. Optimal handling and calibration of your metal detection system are of equal importance. In the White Paper “Lasting safety for food production protection“, Sesotec provides five useful tips handling and calibrating metal detectors to ensure their best possible performance and thus guarantee product purity. The White Paper describes the following five Read more about Lasting safety for food production protection[…]

The new HARVEY product line gets its own name

The new HARVEY product line, previously known as HARVEY 8×8 or HARVEY 8×8-DA, is now called HARVEY Pro. The name suffix "Pro" serves to clearly identify the current series, technically nothing changes. HARVEY Pro is available in various IO configurations, which are appended to the name, e.g. HARVEY Pro 8×8, HARVEY Pro 16×8 or HARVEY Pro Read more about The new HARVEY product line gets its own name[…]

New KHS pouch system for single-serve formats

The KHS Group is expanding its portfolio: with its Innopouch IM Focus the systems supplier now provides a horizontal form/fill/seal pouching machine specially for the packaging of dry products in single-serve formats. Operators of the cost-effective system with an output of up to 100 pouches a minute benefit from KHS’ many years of experience in Read more about New KHS pouch system for single-serve formats[…]