The new generation ROMILOY® ASA/PC special compounds

The constantly growing demands in the automotive market with regard to design, economic and – increasingly more important – ecological aspects challenge compounders to continuously optimize specific properties and develop new materials. Application-ready and affordable polymer blends play a significant role here. One requirement of automobile manufacturers, for example, is to create particular effects on Read more about The new generation ROMILOY® ASA/PC special compounds[…]

Beautiful new world of colors

Elegant sedan, stylish coupé or sleek city car – the automotive industry is always captivating with new trends and looks. This is attributed to the designers, who have long since ceased to focus solely on visual appearance and emotions, but also on utility, efficiency and, not least, environmental aspects. The innovative product developments of ROMIRA Read more about Beautiful new world of colors[…]

ROMIRA takes to the slopes

ROMIRA has extended its successful range of polyamide products: the new blends of polyamide 6 and polypropylene that the company has just launched combine the positive properties of both starting products. The new ROMILOY® PA/PP blends have polyamide to thank for their good mechanical properties, and the polypropylene reduces the inherent water absorption of the Read more about ROMIRA takes to the slopes[…]

Laser marking of plastics

ROMIRA, an independent compounder, has been setting standards in the production of technical compounds and blends for over 25 years. Utilizing technical know-how and state-of-the-art production facilities with the aim to offer customers the best possible solutions is what distinguishes the company from competitors. Thanks to ROWA Masterbatch’s state-of-the-art laser marking machine, ROMIRA is able Read more about Laser marking of plastics[…]

Hooked on innovations

ROMIRA has been a reliable partner to the medical industry for many years and produces flame-retardant products based on both halogenated and halogen-free systems. The flame resistance is always tested and guaranteed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in accordance with recognized standards. ROMIRA now has its own horizontal/vertical combustion chamber (HVUL2) that has been specially Read more about Hooked on innovations[…]

E-Mobility is reality – ROMIRA is going with the future

What used to be pipe dreams have now become omnipresent. New technologies are constantly conquering the markets – with alternative sources of energy becoming increasingly important and mobility reaching a whole new dimension. Electrically powered vehicles have become an everyday sight on our roads and will partly or completely replace fuel-powered ones in the foreseeable Read more about E-Mobility is reality – ROMIRA is going with the future[…]

Cool touch effect: highly-filled polyamides with special properties

With its process engineering know-how and new technical possibilities, ROMIRA is able to manufacture highly-filled polyamides with some specific properties: the products are characterized by an excellent, homogeneous and fine dispersion of fillers. As a result, products with special properties such as higher notched and un-notched impact strengths, together with better thermal conductivity and exceptionally Read more about Cool touch effect: highly-filled polyamides with special properties[…]

Resistant to heat and chemicals: Luranyl® HT PPE+PA blends

High demands are made on resistance to heat and numerous aggressive substances, such as oils and glycol, in heating and engine design. With Luranyl® HT, ROMIRA offers a product group to satisfy these requirements. It not only has high resistance to hot water combined with a high heat deflection temperature, it also absorbs rather little Read more about Resistant to heat and chemicals: Luranyl® HT PPE+PA blends[…]

Simply high-gloss without painting

Pinneberg/Germany, August 28th, 2017 – High-gloss surfaces with no need for additional finishing – a trend that is currently challenging the plastics industry. ROMIRA is happy to advise its customers on the so called Variotherm technology (also known as a heating and cooling molding (RHCM)) which makes this possible. This allows the production of individual Read more about Simply high-gloss without painting[…]