The e-mobility megatrend: ROWA Masterbatch is along for the ride

It is becoming increasingly obvious in the everyday street scene: E-Mobility is one of the big, maybe even the biggest megatrend. Whether for use as private cars, buses, shuttle service or sharing vehicles, different types of electric vehicles are on the road in both local and long-distance traffic – and more and more often ROWA Read more about The e-mobility megatrend: ROWA Masterbatch is along for the ride[…]

Flexible lighting design with high luminous efficacy

Light-scattering masterbatches for thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU): ROWA Masterbatch, manufacturer of polymer-specific masterbatches, puts a sparkle in the eyes of their customer with the new ROWALID® products. The popularity of LED lighting has made translucent plastics increasingly important for luminaire covers. The covers are used to diffuse the light emitted by the point-shaped luminaires as uniformly Read more about Flexible lighting design with high luminous efficacy[…]

Improving the scratch resistance of PMMA with ROWALID SR Masterbatches

The many positive properties of acrylic glass (polymethyl methacrylate, abbreviated PMMA) have made it very popular and it is used in various industries. ROWA Masterbatch has improved the scratch resistance further enriching this valuable plastic. Acrylic glass is frequently used in outdoor applications such as windows and facades and to create advertising spaces and company Read more about Improving the scratch resistance of PMMA with ROWALID SR Masterbatches[…]

ROWA Lack further expands its waterborne lacquer portfolio

With various water-based products from the ROWAKRYL®, ROWATHAL® and ROWAFLON® ranges already available for applications such as PVC-coated tarpaulins, print media and artificial leather, waterborne coatings from the ROWANYL®-group now complete the product range. The gloss product ROWANYL® 105004W, for example, is suitable for the production of (foamed) artificial leather, which is produced in a Read more about ROWA Lack further expands its waterborne lacquer portfolio[…]

Extruder screws in the fast lane

ROWA Masterbatch and ROMIRA are equally renowned as industry specialists for the highest quality standards and products tailored to the customer. A common, technical core competence of the companies is less well known: The extruder screw facility (the Schneckenhaus) in which the pairs of extruder shafts are stored. The spaces of the extruder screw facility Read more about Extruder screws in the fast lane[…]

It’s the surface that counts!

Optimized PVD grades from ROMIRA provide a premium alternative to electroplating. A metallic surface is a sought-after property for various plastic parts, not only as a decorative feature, but also regarding their functional use. Today, these surfaces are still largely produced using galvanic processes. Due to environmental problems, especially when chromium (VI) compounds are used, Read more about It’s the surface that counts![…]

ROMILOY® ASA/PA has potential

For several years now the surface quality of components made of ROMILOY® ASA/PA blends has been a key factor for customers placing their trust in these products. The new development of a special ASA/PA compound is a continuation of this positive trend. This ROMILOY® product group is distinguished by its appearance and tactile properties on Read more about ROMILOY® ASA/PA has potential[…]

Precision par excellence

ROWA Masterbatch and ROMIRA are once again investing in the future with the purchase of new color measuring instruments. Externally somewhat inconspicuous but equipped with impressive inner virtues: CM-3700A are the 5 new technical assistants from ROWA Masterbatch and ROMIRA. These are the latest generation spectrophotometers that are designed at the highest level for perfect Read more about Precision par excellence[…]

Aqueous coating systems for tablecloth finishing

Don’t give stains a chance! ROWA Lack provides new systems for applying finishes for long-lasting cleanliness. Vinyl-based tablecloths are a cost-effective way to set decorative accents while at the same time protecting furniture from everyday wear and tear. For practicality and to maintain an attractive appearance the tablecloth must be resistant to soiling and easy Read more about Aqueous coating systems for tablecloth finishing[…]

New anti-graffiti topcoats for PVC and PU coated fabrics

Is that art or can it go? Unwanted paintings, unsightly marks with graffiti spray paints or permanent markers – sadly, an all too familiar sight in public spaces. And an expensive one to boot, because their removal is often very complicated. Avoid this work and expense with anti-graffiti products from ROWA Lack. To prevent spray Read more about New anti-graffiti topcoats for PVC and PU coated fabrics[…]