soniKKs® Ultrasonic Generators Suitable for Any Application

Within the industrial area ultrasonic has become a very popular instrument to professionally realize a variety of applications. For this reason, soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH specializes in development and production of high-quality ultrasonic devices. The company offers, among other products, ultrasonic generators for any application. Individualized Customer Solutions on Request The wide range of soniKKs® Read more about soniKKs® Ultrasonic Generators Suitable for Any Application[…]

Promising Enhancement for Ultrasonic Generators

Thanks to the strong dedication and technical knowledge of soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH specialists a very promising enhancement has been added to its product range since the beginning of 2019. All ultrasonic generators are now also available with a PROFINET-Interface. Numerous Advantages Due to New Standard PROFINET (PROCESS FIELD NETWORK) is a modern standard, which Read more about Promising Enhancement for Ultrasonic Generators[…]