With E³ into the future

This year’s IAA Cars will take place in Frankfurt from September 12 to 22. Auto-industry supplier Rheinmetall Automotive AG will be exhibiting its Kolbenschmidt and Pierburg brands on over 400 square meters in Hall 8 at Stand D 20. The motto "E³" stands for Emissions, Efficiency, and Electrification. The supplier will be presenting solutions for Read more about With E³ into the future[…]

New electrical position indicator for high-purity valves GEMÜ C12A

With the new GEMÜ C12A electrical position indicator, GEMÜ is offering a customer-oriented solution for intelligent process automation in the chemical and semiconductor industry. The position indicator is available as a mounting part for the pneumatically operated GEMÜ C50 iComLine diaphragm globe valves and is particularly suitable for automation in wet process equipment. The GEMÜ Read more about New electrical position indicator for high-purity valves GEMÜ C12A[…]

Multi-talent for engine development

Magnetoresistive (xMR) sensors are not only commonly used in road vehicles, for example, in wheel speed or steering angle sensors, but are also playing an increasingly important role in the development of vehicles. The inherent precision and flexibility of the magnetoresistive measurement principle opens up new applications for engine test bench measurement and condition monitoring Read more about Multi-talent for engine development[…]

Glob Top spray dispensing tests with DELO adhesive

Microdispensing in the electronics industry can help to increase the service life of individual components. Glob Top Potting, for example, protects sensitive components, usually semiconductor chips, from mechanical stresses such as vibrations or temperature fluctuations. It also protects them from external environmental influences such as moisture or corrosion. A viscous resin matrix is applied, mostly Read more about Glob Top spray dispensing tests with DELO adhesive[…]

Limit switch box for quarter turn valves

The Ingelfingen-based valve specialist GEMÜ is launching electrical position indicators for manually and pneumatically operated quarter turn valves. To automate process plants, the GEMÜ LSC limit switch box detects the valve position of manually and pneumatically operated quarter turn valves. This is signalled by an optical indication and transmitted to the plant control system. The Read more about Limit switch box for quarter turn valves[…]

Monitoring in seconds

What is the quickest way to test the gas pressure in, for example, 400 hydro-pneumatic accumulators? The Werdohl fluid specialists from Stauff have found what is probably the most convincing solution to this challenge. The pressure is continuously recorded by sensors which are integrated into the connection adapter at the gas filler connection. They transfer Read more about Monitoring in seconds[…]

Safe solutions for oxygen applications

GEMÜ is expanding its product range for oxygen applications, offering globe and control valves for applications with gaseous oxygen in addition to its multitude of diaphragm valves with immediate effect. For safe plant operation, GEMÜ is placing particular emphasis on the selection of suitable materials for all media-wetted components. In the case of oxygen applications, Read more about Safe solutions for oxygen applications[…]

From a single source – Manual GEMÜ ball valves with integrated position feedback

The Ingelfingen-based valve expert GEMÜ is offering a technically advanced solution for ball valves for manual operation with suitable position feedback. And these are already pre-assembled, preset and tested. At first glance, there are a multitude of ball valve and electrical position indicator providers. However, many of these providers offer either one or the other. Read more about From a single source – Manual GEMÜ ball valves with integrated position feedback[…]

Maximal productivity of an injection moulding machine without downtime

X-PACK is a Tunisian company which has developed more than 100 references of plastic packaging for the last 10 years. One major business is the processing of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to produce reliable closures for the packaging industry. With a big investment in two new injection moulding machines for 150 tons and a material consumption Read more about Maximal productivity of an injection moulding machine without downtime[…]

Additive manufacturing with liquid materials

The use of additive manufacturing processes is increasing within industrial applications, as they bring some significant customer benefits compared to conventional processes. Additive manufacturing is based upon the layered structure of a component. The production time therefore depends on the volume to be applied to the component. The geometric shape of the individual layers has Read more about Additive manufacturing with liquid materials[…]