Oil-stop cable solves a familiar problem at Mercedes-Benz

The problem is a common one: As the result of a design flaw, oil is able to infiltrate the length of the harness and reach the control unit due to the capillary effect (which describes how liquids spread out in tight gaps, tubes and pipes). Here, individual components may be damaged, which in turn leads Read more about Oil-stop cable solves a familiar problem at Mercedes-Benz[…]

Diagnosis on demand

With our innovative new diagnostic solution Diagnosis on Demand, we take over at the point where independent workshops often reach their limits. With Diagnosis on Demand VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface), dealers and workshops are offered the perfect device for easily programming or coding vehicle control units if needed following their replacement. Diagnosis on Demand also Read more about Diagnosis on demand[…]

Herth+Buss company blog drive!

In our company blog drive!, we have been focussing on topics relating to car and transport from various perspectives since April 2017. With the selection of focus topics, drive! is now summing up the past three and a half years and focussing on the clear preferences of our readers. Who is better positioned to report Read more about Herth+Buss company blog drive![…]

A lamp with multiple possibilities

Every workplace is different and has specific requirements for lighting. With our new LED Shine Spot hand lamp, every work area can be optimally lit with little effort. The new LED Shine Spot hand lamp can be used as a traditional hand lamp, but can also light the engine compartment or other work areas. We Read more about A lamp with multiple possibilities[…]

Herth+Buss Christmas elves in the workshop special task

The coronavirus pandemic has been a financial burden for many people. With an early Christmas gift, we were able to take some of the load from the shoulders of one customer. First and foremost, coronavirus is a risk to health. However, the consequences of the different measures to kerb the pandemic are primarily of a Read more about Herth+Buss Christmas elves in the workshop special task[…]

New lighting catalogue

With its new, revised lighting catalogue, parts specialist Herth+Buss presents the expanded range of spare parts and accessories from vehicle lighting. This gives the parts specialist a compact overview of the important product range.The catalogue lists universal parts from all areas of vehicle lighting on 452 pages, divided into eight chapters. More than 70 new Read more about New lighting catalogue[…]

Workshop light set LED Shine Exchange

With our new LED Shine Exchange hand lamp, we offer a practical solution for workplace lighting. The outstanding feature of the light is the interchangeable light attachments, which can be replaced without tools via a click-in system. This results in enormous flexibility to create the optimal lighting conditions for any situation in everyday workshop operations. Read more about Workshop light set LED Shine Exchange[…]

Technology tutorials from Herth+Buss on YouTube

Even the best experts in the workshop sometimes reach their limits. This is where our YouTube channel comes into play. With our tutorials, we not only pass on our knowledge to workshops, but also to specialist retailers and amateur mechanics. With the help of the workshop buddies and our technicians, we have a wide range Read more about Technology tutorials from Herth+Buss on YouTube[…]

High-quality V-ribbed belts from Herth+Buss

A working V-ribbed belt is indispensable for the smooth functioning of the engine and also has a significant influence on driving comfort. We offer a wide range of high-quality V-ribbed belts in our Jakoparts range. These are also referred to as poly-V belts, as they are available with different numbers of ribs. The more ribs, Read more about High-quality V-ribbed belts from Herth+Buss[…]

High luminous power – LED Shine 360

The LED Shine 360 hand lamp is a new addition to our Elparts range. The highlight of the new lamp is its ability to rotate 360 degrees, i.e. once around its own axis. The lamp can also be swivelled 90 degrees. This enables users to adjust the lamp exactly to the lighting requirements of their Read more about High luminous power – LED Shine 360[…]