Taken on the leash!

As important as the helmet is for the safety of the rider, it is and remains a nuisance when you carry it with you. The »HELM-LOCK« system from Wunderlich provides a solution. Its developers have now presented the solid, safe and easy-to-use helmet locking system for the BMW F 900 R and XR. Following the Read more about Taken on the leash![…]

Great views!

Let‘s go the whole hog! This is also a guiding principle that can be confidently attributed to the developers of the BMW accessories specialist Wunderlich. Obviously, they have now also applied these two proven principles to the »MARATHON« windshield of the new BMW F 900 XR. The result is a convincing and proven windshield that Read more about Great views![…]

Water on!

Especially in the summer heat, it is necessary to prevent the physical dehydration on the road and make sure to drink enough. When there is a lack of hydration, the blood becomes „thicker“ and flows more slowly. Among other things, the oxygen and nutrient supply of the body suffers as a result, with the consequence Read more about Water on![…]

Saddled up!

The features of our »AKTIVKOMFORT« seats are legendary. Now we have improved the potential of the seats even further towards comfort and have equipped them even more perfectly. ThermoPro makes the difference! Riding is most pleasurable in summer, when the sun shines. When you park your BMW, the sun‘s rays heat up the seat. Everyone Read more about Saddled up![…]

Tough made!

Recently, the BMW specialists from Wunderlich presented the „Sport“ engine protection bar for the BMW F 900 R and XR to the public. It is characterized by its impressively compact, slim design and optimized weight. Now the Grafschafters are following up and presenting the „EXTREME“ engine protection bar concept, in which the striking appearance and Read more about Tough made![…]

Wunderlich virtual: Edition 35 GS Conversions

Last Saturday, 04.07.2020, the first virtual bike online exhibition took place at the headquarter of Wunderlich! As part of the live event „Wunderlich virtual: instead of Garmisch“, which was streamed live via Facebook, the BMW specialists presented two completely modified BMW R 1250 GS models! To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Wunderlich GmbH, the celebrators Read more about Wunderlich virtual: Edition 35 GS Conversions[…]

Wunderlich virtual: instead of Garmisch!

Unfortunately, this year‘s BMW Days in Garmisch have fallen victim to corona. That‘s why on the Saturday of the first weekend in July, we‘d like to offer some variety and entertainment – in times of social distancing, we‘re moving our entertaining event to the virtual world on our Facebook channel! Wunderlich virtual – live and Read more about Wunderlich virtual: instead of Garmisch![…]

A question of adjustment!

The comfortable Wunderlich windshield adjustment »VARIO« has more than proven itself with the endurists who travel the globe on large BMW GS machines. It not only allows the company‘s own »MARATHON« windshield to be adjusted to all possible requirements in the twinkling of an eye. It is therefore only logical that the specialists for BMW Read more about A question of adjustment![…]

Slim made!

The now presented sporty engine protection bar concept, which Wunderlich developed for the new BMW F 900 R and F 900 XR, shines in two ways: with maximum protection and low component weight. Due to its component geometry, the engine, in particular the water pump, the clutch and alternator, as well as their housing covers, Read more about Slim made![…]

Seat. And space. »LONELY RIDER« adventure package

Seat. And space. »LONELY RIDER« adventure package. Only available in 2020 and as part of EDITION 35 Experience has shown that enduro riders who have traveled on intercontinental or even world tours rely on a seat that is comfortable and active in every respect and use the rest of the large travel enduro to fit Read more about Seat. And space. »LONELY RIDER« adventure package[…]