Major (e-)mobility project and its successful implementation

With this new construction, the Graf Hardenberg Group is hoping to increase sales activities and also offer an even better service for Audi and commercial vehicle customers. It is hoped that the new mobility centre and, with this, the improved site conditions and processes will result in a better customer service and overall quality of service in the future.

A more modern and future-oriented mobility site is to be developed offering ideal prerequisites. With more than 60 employees and state-of-the-art technology, the newly established body and paint shop will be one of the largest and most innovative in Southern Germany. Following this theme, the building will be built to meet the German energy efficiency standard KfW 70 and there will also be a modern charging park for electric cars. 

Rapid construction of the (shell) construction of a major project

A gross floor area of 21,807 m² with a gross volume capacity of 89,867 m³ is to be constructed on a roofed area of 5,248 m² over a period of 16 months. "For the formwork and shoring for the reinforced concrete work, Züblin opted for PASCHAL and is extremely pleased with its choice", explained the construction manager Jens Fuchs.

This new build comprises a paint and bodywork centre, a workshop for Audi and VW commercial vehicles with 3 parking levels, an Audi terminal and a VW commercial vehicle showroom.

Major projects can be realised quickly thanks to PASCHAL

Rolling execution and construction time planning is indicative of large new buildings. This is also the case with the construction of the mobility centre. But in Karlsruhe there is also the issue of a very ambitious time schedule.

As a reliable partner for construction firms, PASCHAL has again confirmed its reputation during this major project in Karlsruhe with the cross-system compatibility of its various formwork and shoring systems.

The in demand service from PASCHAL, intelligent formwork planning, includes civil engineering, steel construction and further trades in Karlsruhe in order to guarantee the maximum economic and logistical benefits for the building firm.

Continuous exchange of information for smooth running

The project team at PASCHAL is in constant contact with the construction managers in order to quickly realise the construction phase plans as adapted by those in charge.

In practical terms, the formwork tasks which need to be performed in the short term have to be inspected in terms of the formwork and shoring materials available on site and, on the basis of this, further deliveries have to be arranged and returns also organised quickly.

With this service, PASCHAL is supporting material logistics, clarity on site and is also optimising formwork material costs and, in turn, efficient construction work for the company.

More than six, fully compatible PASCHAL systems in use

The construction firm Züblin (turnkey construction 3 Stuttgart and construction engineering Karlsruhe) is using the wall formwork system LOGO.3, universal Modular formwork, the aluminium shoring system GASS, the TG 60 shoring system, props, the slab formwork system PASCHAL-Deck, clamping pieces with posts and toe board holders in Karlsruhe.

For the working platform with fall protection in Karlsruhe, precast wall adapters are being combined with the concreting platform on the prefabricated wall elements. 

With the in-situ concrete walls, the anchor systems from the KBK system (climbing platform) are being used for the support brackets in combination with on-site running boards.

To protect against falls, elements from the Secuset lateral protection system are being used with on-site fall boards as well as Secuset lateral protection fence to ensure maximum safety for personnel depending on the construction phase.

PASCHAL Maturix provides concrete maturity values in real time
In order to accelerate the completion of the shell, PASCHAL Maturix is being used to monitor the concrete in real time. The exact dismantling time for the slab over the workshop can be determined precisely using PASCHAL Maturix and the subsequent work can then be preplanned and commenced earlier on.

This is all possible due to the real-time monitoring of the concrete maturity of the supporting slab structure which the integrated sensors transfer to the PASCHAL Maturix software. These substantiated data also provide achievable proof of quality for the construction diary.

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