The Com-Domain is the Gold Standard

The Com-Domain is the gold standard for US-Americans. Google lists at the first page of the US-Version of Google at the most searches websites at .com. Com-domains, also known as commercial domains, are domain names that end with the top-level domain ".com". Com-domains were originally intended for commercial organizations, but they have become the most Read more about The Com-Domain is the Gold Standard[…]

El dominio .co es el estándar de oro

El dominio .co es el estándar de oro para Colombia. Google aparece en la primera página de la versión colombiana de Google en la mayoría de los sitios web de búsqueda en .co. Si su nombre no está disponible, .co es una buena opción. El nombre apropiado en .co promete más éxito que un Read more about El dominio .co es el estándar de oro[…]

Evolution Day: Dev-Domains fit to Websites about Evolution

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.… " "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word Read more about Evolution Day: Dev-Domains fit to Websites about Evolution[…]

Make the Apartments-Domain your new home

Behind every Apartments-Domain is you—a trusted website offering fast, flexible living solutions that get renters in the right place, right now. Your Apartments-Domain shows you have comprehensive, premier, and hard-to-find gems that other sites find hard to match. The relationship between better ranking and the new top-level domains was proved by a study of Searchmetrics Read more about Make the Apartments-Domain your new home[…]

The Force is with the Actor-Domain

2015 saw casting come of age online. Star Wars VII, possibly the most eagerly anticipated movie sequel of all time, opened a casting call online to every single teen boy or girl (of a certain age) worldwide. Not since Willy Wonka slipped a few Golden Tickets inside his chocolate bars has there been such an Read more about The Force is with the Actor-Domain[…]

Dentist-Domains: Build your practice online

Dentist is not only the name for this profession in Anglosaxon countries, but in almost all countries the word "dentist" is understood. Therefore, the Dentist-Domain is appropriate for all countries. The Dentist-Domains emphasize the professional and healthcare sides of dentists and addresses the needs of the various patients: The Dentist-Domain is the professional’s choice. We Read more about Dentist-Domains: Build your practice online[…]

Boo-Domains für Halloween (Sonstiges | Online)

Halloween ist das große Event – besonders für junge Leute. Jugendliche feiern Halloween-Parties – manche in ausgefallenen Kostümen. In den USA steht schon der ganze Monat Oktober im Zeichen von Halloween. Google bietet für Halloween die Boo-Domains an – für ein virtuelles Halloween. Will Google uns Angst machen? Sicherlich nicht. Dennoch wirbt Google für die Read more about Boo-Domains für Halloween (Sonstiges | Online)[…]

Boo-Domains – the domains of Halloween

The sunrise period of Boo-Domains ends on November 7, 2022 – just in time for Halloween. During the sunrise period, trademark owners can register their trademarks at the Boo-Domain as a domain of the same name. The trademarks must be registered at the Trademark Clearinghouse . Some companies and organizations have not yet registered their Read more about Boo-Domains – the domains of Halloween[…]

Lat-Domains: “Soy Latinos, soy .lat.”

Empower your online presence with a Lat-Domain. The Lat-Domain is the go-to generic option that embraces all of Latin America. From promoting your business, to sharing your personal brand, or creating an online hub for a specific topic, the Lat-Domain is made to help any brand, individual, or organization create an online presence with LATAM Read more about Lat-Domains: “Soy Latinos, soy .lat.”[…]