The new generation ROMILOY® ASA/PC special compounds

The constantly growing demands in the automotive market with regard to design, economic and – increasingly more important – ecological aspects challenge compounders to continuously optimize specific properties and develop new materials. Application-ready and affordable polymer blends play a significant role here. One requirement of automobile manufacturers, for example, is to create particular effects on Read more about The new generation ROMILOY® ASA/PC special compounds[…]

Masterbatches for 3D printing

The whole world is talking about 3D printing, for both large building projects and private uses. The first bridge made by 3D printing will be opening for pedestrians in Amsterdam at the beginning of 2019, for example. ROWA Masterbatch is also addressing this hot topic and is increasingly proving to be an ideal partner for Read more about Masterbatches for 3D printing[…]

Beautiful new world of colors

Elegant sedan, stylish coupé or sleek city car – the automotive industry is always captivating with new trends and looks. This is attributed to the designers, who have long since ceased to focus solely on visual appearance and emotions, but also on utility, efficiency and, not least, environmental aspects. The innovative product developments of ROMIRA Read more about Beautiful new world of colors[…]

Plastic parts in a metallic look are conquering the automotive sector

There is a new trend in the premium segment of automobile manufacturers: the use of plastics in a metallic design for vehicle parts such as radiator grilles, scuff plates and applications in the bumpers. The advantages of this include less paintwork and the easier production of large quantities. ROWA Masterbatch has taken this development on Read more about Plastic parts in a metallic look are conquering the automotive sector[…]

ROMIRA takes to the slopes

ROMIRA has extended its successful range of polyamide products: the new blends of polyamide 6 and polypropylene that the company has just launched combine the positive properties of both starting products. The new ROMILOY® PA/PP blends have polyamide to thank for their good mechanical properties, and the polypropylene reduces the inherent water absorption of the Read more about ROMIRA takes to the slopes[…]

Laser marking of plastics

ROMIRA, an independent compounder, has been setting standards in the production of technical compounds and blends for over 25 years. Utilizing technical know-how and state-of-the-art production facilities with the aim to offer customers the best possible solutions is what distinguishes the company from competitors. Thanks to ROWA Masterbatch’s state-of-the-art laser marking machine, ROMIRA is able Read more about Laser marking of plastics[…]

Small scale as well as large scale

ROWA Masterbatch further optimizes efficiency, quality stability and service with its investment in the new laboratory machine ZSK 26. The twin-screw extruder can produce the same product as its big brother ZSK 45 – but to a lesser extent. Thanks to the reliable scale-up that is available, ROWA Masterbatch is now able to efficiently transfer Read more about Small scale as well as large scale[…]

Innovations for the future: sensible additions to the PMMA range

ROWALID® pigment preparations are an established name on the market for which ROWA Lack is experiencing a constantly growing demand. In order to successively develop the business further and to optimize the portfolio, the company has come up with further grades for an even more extensive range of PMMA preparations. Currently, ROWA Lack offers an Read more about Innovations for the future: sensible additions to the PMMA range[…]

Digital microscopy: little things really big

Insufficient leveling, wetting problems and inhomogeneous coating thicknesses – problems like these, which can already occur during the coating process, clearly demonstrate that the high-quality, industrial coating of plastic web material as well as the development and choice of suitable lacquer systems are relevant topics. Aging under the effects of moisture, temperature and/or light can Read more about Digital microscopy: little things really big[…]

Service à la ROWASOL: perfectly dosed

Customer service taking top priority at ROWASOL is a fact that becomes clear from the very first contact. Anyone who expresses an interest in the products and wants to convince themselves of the quality and benefits of the liquid colors for coloring plastics, is given the chance to get to know the comprehensive service package Read more about Service à la ROWASOL: perfectly dosed[…]