Anamorphic Shaping of Laser Beams

Anamorphic beam shaping optics are used to transform elliptical laser beams to a round shape – for example before coupling them to single mode optical fibers. Conversely, there are cases where originally round laser beams need to be transformed into an elliptical shape. Schäfter+Kirchhoff uses two cylinder lenses acting in as a Galileo’s ­telescope in Read more about Anamorphic Shaping of Laser Beams[…]

Low noise laser line generators with reduced coherence

The LNC-series low noise laser diode modules from Schäfter+Kirchhoff have reduced power noise, reduced coherence length and low speckle contrast as a result of an internal RF-modulation. The low noise (< 1% RMS, <1 MHz) and the mode-hopping free laser operation makes them ideal for particle measurements or advanced medical and biotechnological applications. Laser diodes Read more about Low noise laser line generators with reduced coherence[…]

Smart Line Scan Measurement Systems

Current industrial machine­vision­applications mostly rely on PC based image processing. Smart camera­systems, which incorporate an image sensor and computing capabilities, were initially restricted to very simple tasks like barcode reading and interpretation. But as the computing capabilities of embedded systems increased, smart cameras are now able to handle a wide range of applications. Especially when Read more about Smart Line Scan Measurement Systems[…]